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Op-Ed: The Results of a Survey of Journalists Blame Misinformation on Right-Winged Conspiracy Theorists – That’s No Surprise

Right-Winged Conspiracy Theorists
The mainstream media mafia continues to demonize conservatives that speak out against censorship while bashing right-wing conspiracies as the major culprits of misinformation and disinformation. File photo: Media Whale Stock, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  First, let me reiterate that I considered my political party to be Democrat for many years; Independent for several years; and finally Republican for the last six years – however I often proclaimed I belonged to the disillusioned voter’s group. And akin to an ostrich, my head was buried in the sand as I ignored political issues and consistent voting.  

But the coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 vaccine controversy propelled me to read, investigate, research, and converse about what I believe now to be the greatest deception of the century. And the catalyst was the well-documented and highly footnoted book by Robert Kennedy, Jr. – “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.” And many new books by reputable authors followed as the covert agenda of wealthy elites became overt. However, mainstream media ignored these stories. 

Misinformation/disinformation is a war of censorship to silence freedom-loving citizens. And mainstream media journalists are major players in the deception.  

Furthermore, the censorship of alternative coronavirus information and science-based knowledge by Team Joe Biden – that mainstream media refused to report was uncanny. So the path led me to connect the dots of the Federal Reserve, The World Bank, and the International Money Fund to the Great Reset cabal (aka, World Economic Forum, New World Order), the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and to the Deep State in the USA.  


Big Tech is using a content filtering system for online censorship. Watch our short video about NewsGuard to learn how they control the narrative for the Lamestream Media and help keep you in the dark. NewsGuard works with Big-Tech to make it harder for you to find certain content they feel is 'missing context' or stories their editors deem "not in your best interest" - regardless of whether they are true and/or factually accurate. They also work with payment processors and ad-networks to cut off revenue streams to publications they rate poorly by their same bias standards. This should be criminal in America. You can bypass this third-world nonsense by signing up for featured stories by email and get the good stuff delivered right to your inbox.

A totalitarian cabal has to own and control the mainstream media: owners, shareholders, publishers, editors, journalists, and reporters. 

Moving on with the topic of this column – the mainstream media mafia continues to demonize conservatives that speak out against censorship. In a nutshell, the sources I watched and the articles I read about this report bashed Republicans and referred to right-wing conspiracies as the major culprits of misinformation and disinformation. “The sources of the most egregious cases of disinformation in journalists’ own work are: 76% Right-wing conspiracy theorists,” reports the survey findings.    

The video is titled, “Disinformation, Midterms, and the Mind: How psychological science can help journalists combat election misinformation,” by The National Press Club Journalism Institute.

The following website source gave detailed information about the survey called, “The Impact of Disinformation on Journalism,” that reported the results of an online questionnaire for journalists.  

Survey Introduction: The FDR Group conducted this research on behalf of PEN America to help it better understand and document the impact of disinformation on journalists and how they go about doing their work. For the purposes of this survey, disinformation was defined as “content created or distributed with intent to deceive.” PEN America intends to use these research findings to identify measures it can take to support the journalism community as it works to counter the negative impact of disinformation. 

Who is PEN America? 

Founded in 1922, in New York City, PEN America is the largest of the more than 100 centers worldwide that make up the PEN International network. “PEN America stands at the intersection of literature and human rights to protect free expression in the United States and worldwide.”  

PEN America, the free expression organization, has long documented the threat to open discourse and democracy posed by the deliberate spread of false information, or disinformation, beginning with the groundbreaking 2017 report: Faking News: Fraudulent News and the Fight for Truth (136 pages).

This report blamed, “daily attacks on the press by the president of the United States and his allies” as a source of misinformation/disinformation. Although not named, this referred to President Donald Trump and conservatives…“EXPOSE those who deliberately purvey fraudulent information or baselessly foment distrust of what is true.” 

Methodology of survey: 


The findings in this report are based on an online survey of 1,030 US-based journalists in editing or reporting roles at print, online-only, or broadcast (radio and TV) news outlets. The survey was fielded between June 23 and October 25, 2021.  

The online survey was fielded as follows: An initial invitation plus one reminder were sent via email on a rolling basis between June 23 and September 9 to a total of 22,405 journalists listed in the comprehensive database maintained by online media marketing company Meltwater. As the world’s first online media monitoring company, Meltwater claims to be one of the most prominent acquirers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science companies in the world. “By examining around a billion posts each day from social media platforms, blogs and news sites, and using patented artificial intelligence systems…” 

Please note, this survey did not ask for the political party association of the journalists. 

A few findings of the survey:

Virtually all journalists surveyed think disinformation is a serious problem for journalism today: 81% say it’s a very serious problem, and 16% say somewhat serious. 

Large majorities of the journalists surveyed indicate that they need to learn more about tools that could help counter disinformation in their own work: 82% Using bot detection tools, 78% Using image verification tools, 70% Using social media monitoring tools, 64% Using reverse image search tools, and 36% Using fact-checking sites. 

Potential Sources & Greatest Proliferators of Disinformation. The sources of the most egregious cases of disinformation in journalists’ own work are: 

  • 76%   Right-wing conspiracy theorists   
  • 70%   Government officials, candidates, or political organizations
  • 65%   Special-interest or advocacy groups  
  • 54%   Organizations dedicated to creating disinformation via things like bots and doctored images  
  • 40%   Celebrities or social media influencers  
  • 35%   Left-wing conspiracy theorists  
  • 30%   Foreign government actors  
  • 2%     None of the above 

And thinking about the issues they cover, here are the social networks where the journalists surveyed see the greatest proliferation of disinformation:  

  • 88%   Facebook 
  • 63%   Twitter 
  • 45%   YouTube  
  • 24%   Parler  
  • 20%   Instagram  
  • 19%   TikTok  
  • 18%   Reddit  
  • 18%   Nextdoor  
  • 10%   WhatsApp  
  • 4%     None of the above 

The truth is deemed as conspiracy theory by a majority of journalists. And a spirit of delusion is upon the printing press, along with the hand of treasonous tyrants.  

But alternative media sources, shunned by radical Lefty liberals, continue to write and speak the truth as media censorship tries to smother voices of logic, legitimacy, and lucidity. Let us applaud and pray for the newspapers, social media platforms, and podcasts that are standing up for freedom of the press and freedom of speech.  

Fact is being called fiction – fiction is being called fact. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5:20, NIV) 

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