Corrections Policy

Corrections Policy

The Published Reporter® is committed to accuracy of news articles, headlines, and captions. While rare, mistakes can and do happen during our fact-checking and reporting process. However, we do want to get it right and are committed to correcting all errors and encourage our sources and readers to point out any errors they encounter.

These include:

Suggested corrections should be reported to editors by sending an email to

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If a correction is considered minor and fixed the same day the article was published, no attribution may be present. Typically, minor corrections for misspellings of names and incorrect dates or locations which do not fundamentally change the meaning of a story will not be labeled.

However, if a significant error is discovered, the story will be corrected and reposted as soon as possible. In most cases these corrections will appear, based on the severity of the correction, at the top or bottom of a story. If the story was shared on social media, the story may be removed and reposted, especially if the title or featured image has changed.

The most common attribution to either an update or a correction will be preceded by the words “UPDATE” or “Editor’s Note” with a short explanation of what is being changed or what a reader needs to be aware of or otherwise keep in mind while reading a story. In some cases the word “UPDATE” may appear in the title of the story.

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