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Op-Ed: The Aspen Commission, a Censorship Squad, Wants to Squash Internet Freedom of Speech

The censorship squad wants the U.S. government to seize control and police citizens that utilize the Internet. Doctor, is there a cure for information disorder? File photo: Siam Pukkato, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Folks, the following summary gives a brief outline of an attempt of a powerful group (I’ll call them the censorship squad) to destroy the First Amendment. I read the 80-page report and this is my conclusion on how they want to squash online Freedom of Speech via the Internet.  

The Aspen Commission on Information Disorder, comprised of experts from media, industry, academia, and civil society, details 15 recommendations for combatting mis- and disinformation. The Commission recommends that the White House champion a comprehensive federal approach to mis- and disinformation, which would more clearly define specific agencies’ roles and responsibilities. The Commission also details several proposals for Congressional legislation targeting platforms, including requiring them to archive high-reach content, disclose their content moderation policies, and disclose information about digital ads and paid content.”  

My response: The censorship squad wants the U.S. government to seize control and police citizens that utilize the Internet. Doctor, is there a cure for information disorder?

Craig Newmark Philanthropies funded this project. He is an American internet entrepreneur and philanthropist best known as the founder of the classifieds website Craigslist. And “The Craig Newmark Foundation is collaborating with WEF; the aim is to bring tech /social media industry leaders together with stakeholders to address fake news issues.”

By the way the World Economic Forum (WEF) (aka Great Reset, New World Order) says, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy about it.” Will billionaire Newmark give all his money away?  

“The Commission on Information Disorder Final Report” is from the Aspen Institute in Colorado. See a list of commissioners, technical advisors, and others. Well-known individuals include Katie Couric and Prince Harry.  

Others include: Danah Boyd – Microsoft Research, Farai Chideya – Ford Foundation, Daphne Keller- Stanford Cyber Policy Center, Nathaniel Gleicher- Facebook, Yoel Roth – Twitter, Clement Wolf – Google, Margaret Sullivan – The Washington Post, and Brendan Nyhan – Dartmouth College. 

My response: Now, aren’t those Biggie Tech names on the Aspen Commission attention-grabbing.  

What is Information Disorder? 

“Information disorder, coined by First Draft Co-Founder Claire Wardle, denotes the broad societal challenges associated with misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation” and “Information disorder is a crisis that exacerbates all other crises. When bad information becomes as prevalent, persuasive, and persistent as good information, it creates a chain reaction of harm.” 

My response: So, the language of censorship has morphed into “information disorder.” Now, isn’t that a thought-provoking term to describe Internet censorship.

“If we want to reduce information disorder, there are structural changes that we can and must make to our information ecosystem, and there are rules that we can and must implement to better govern the decisions and behavior of information platforms and propagators.” 

My response: In other words, use censorship police to search out those committing ‘information disorder.’ A group of non-elected people joined together and decided on a policy on how to censor and police the Internet. Wasn’t that so nice of them. 

“Our recommendations cover multiple areas: technology, society, government, and media.” 

My response: The censorship squad will be everywhere and on every website. You cannot escape them.  

“It is the Commission’s belief that information disorder is a whole-of-society problem that can have life-or-death consequences.” 

My response: Fearmongering is employed as a tactic to push their censorship agenda.  

“The Commission’s goal has been to seek interventions that mitigate the harm of that speech or discourage individuals from speaking falsely in the first place.” 

My response: On page 17, this report barely discusses the First Amendment and points out “that the Supreme Court has refused to include “false-speech” (including intentional false speech) in the collection of speech categories eligible for content-based restrictions. Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act of 1996 remains a center point for debate around regulatory reform.” 

My response: The censorship squad wants to change laws and legislation to spy on and punish Internet users that commit “information disorder.”  

“Journalism has a particular role to play here. Cable news, podcasts, YouTube, and talk radio all play a unique role in inflaming disinformation and too often fail to hold accountable those who spread false statements on-air.” 

My response: Crack down on free speech and censor people that discuss issues the censorship squad does not agree with.

“Real world case study Wellness influencers and websites create and share content that promotes vaccine hesitancy, natural health remedies, and alternative medical practices to millions of users across platforms. One example, Natural News, is a popular conspiracy website that consistently posts science misinformation. Their content has been banned twice by Facebook, most recently as a result of the site’s promotion of the “Plandemic” conspiracy video which spread lies about the effects of mask-wearing. But with 3 million followers, the false and misleading content continues to be shared in other groups and pages as the site’s domains shift to avoid detection by algorithms.”

My response: The censorship squad is upset that alternative information, fact-based science and knowledge (opposite of Anthony Fauci’s self-proclaimed science) about COVID-19 and the vaccines was shared on the Internet. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), The World Health Organization (WHO), and the United Nations (UN) wanted full control of health information. Anthony Fauci is BBF’s with these organizations and agencies.  

Let’s connect some dots. 

Prince Charles is BFF’s with Klaus Schwab at World Economic Forum and his son Harry is a member of the Aspen Commission. 

Funder of the project Craig Newmark is anti-Trump, according to an interview in Forbes.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted on the Aug. 25 episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast that his platform censored the Hunter Biden laptop story only after receiving FBI pressure.

Katie Couric is anti-trump. “Former NBC and CBS anchor Katie Couric became the latest left-wing figure to call for Republicans to be “deprogrammed” as she celebrated the second impeachment of President Donald Trump.” 

Hmm. How interesting the road leads back to the World Economic Forum – the super censorship cultists. 

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