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Op-Ed: Have You Had Enough Yet?

President Joe Biden swears at the Inauguration ceremony next to first lady, Jill Biden. U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. , Jan. 20, 2021. Editorial credit: mccv /, licensed. DELRAY BEACH, FL - It's been over a month since

Op-Ed: Welcome To Witch Hunt 2.0

Roger Stone is a political strategist, pundit, and a long-time political advisor and friend of President Donald Trump. Stone was a victim of the Mueller witch hunt and was charged with lying to Congress in order to pressure

Op-Ed: The Power of Otherization

Otherization is the age-old phenomenon advanced by individuals who have a sense of their own specialness in the world. The only antidote for their destructive behavior is for the “others” to assert their dignity and reclaim their