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When the public’s right to know is threatened, and when the rights of free speech and a free press are at risk, all of the other liberties we hold dear are endangered.” – Christopher Dodd, Former Senator from Connecticut.


The Published Reporter® is a news and media outlet which focuses primarily on news and current issues related to the United States with a local focus on South Florida, incorporating Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade Counties, the region where its headquarters are based. We report news responsibly and truthfully, so that readers can improve their own lives and increase their understanding and respect for their neighbors next door or around the globe.

Our team have been in the news business for over fifteen years and as many in the newspaper business would agree, the payoff is clearly not financial. We see news combined with technology as a great positive disrupter in human life and enjoy our seat at the national table as well as an opportunity to remake the future of journalism and media. Financial support for The Published Reporter® is made possible by the publisher. For more information see our Terms of Service (earnings disclosure).


Big Tech is using a content filtering system for online censorship. Watch our short video about NewsGuard to learn how they control the narrative for the Lamestream Media and help keep you in the dark. NewsGuard works with Big-Tech to make it harder for you to find certain content they feel is 'missing context' or stories their editors deem "not in your best interest" - regardless of whether they are true and/or factually accurate. They also work with payment processors and ad-networks to cut off revenue streams to publications they rate poorly by their same bias standards. This should be criminal in America. You can bypass this third-world nonsense by signing up for featured stories by email and get the good stuff delivered right to your inbox.

The Published Reporter® has been cited around the world for its quality in journalism including notable mentions in the Israel-based ‘The Times of Israel’, United Kingdom based tabloid newspaper ‘The Sun’ and various U.S. based newspapers such as Fox News, NBC News, Christian Post, and Florida based NewsMax. It has been critized twice by politically left-leaning 501, nonprofit Media Matters for America, as well as mentioned as part of an investigative story in The Wall Street Journal. – “They hate you because you’re effective. Congratulations” — Roger Stone, Conservative Political Consultant and Lobbyist.

This one’s for you!…I’m glad to see integrity is returning to some news organizations…Thank you for your commitment to the truth.

Cynthia, Daughter, Korean War Vet, Conservative

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Editorial Team

  • PUBLISHER: John Colascione
  • SENIOR JOURNALIST: Robert Golomb
  • SENIOR JOURNALIST: Alan Bergstein
  • EDITOR & CARTOONS: Mort Kuff
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515 North Flagler Drive, Suite P-300, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Political Leanings and Reliability

Our reporting has been determined to Skew Right of Center and be opinion based with a High Variation of Reliability by Colorado-based media watchdog Ad Fontes Media which rates media sources in terms of political bias and reliability.

Write for Us:

If you have significant writing experience as a journalist and possess a true passion for writing and/or reporting news and information on a single or even variety of topics, you too could be featured as a Published Reporter.

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Thank you for your contribution to the truth!

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