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Op-Ed: Victory From the Jaws of Defeat

In ancient times, Jacob appointed his son Joseph to become the family leader by giving him a “coat of many colors” for which the record says his brothers “hated him, and could not speak peaceably unto him” (KJV Genesis 37:4). File photo:

Op-Ed: Overfishing Is Killing Our Oceans

Overfishing is, in some sense, a rational reaction to increasing market needs for fish. Most people consume approximately twice as much fish as they did 50 years ago and there are four times as many people on earth as there were at the

Op-Ed: Get Woke, Go Broke

The public seems to be telling “woke” companies that their indoctrination days are over and that free speech should not be censored and that the free and open exchange of ideas should be the rule not the exception. File photo: No-Mad,

Remembrance: Geoffrey J. Abbott, RIP

My father, Geoffrey J. Abbott, was a good man. Even though his death was expected, it still is quite a gut punch for me. The waves of grief have been intense, almost stifling at times, and many tears have been shed. No, my father and I