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Blue Bloods Gone Oprah

Scene from season 8 episode 22 "My Aim is True". Eddie saves Jamie. Image credit: YouTube, Requiem for a dream, 797 subscribers. Police procedural Crime drama. CBS Television Distribution NEW YORK, NY - Among the TV shows I gravitate to

America’s Pyrrhic Victory

Look around you. Look at our desolate downtowns, empty streets, shuttered stores—look at the sad eyes of your fellow citizens above their pathetically masked faces. This is the reality. Photo credit: Shutterstock, licensed. SAN

Humiliation, a Pretext for Murder

CLEVELAND, OH  – I discovered a paper by the accomplished social scientist, Dr. Evelin Lindner, regarding her theory that the humiliation of a people may cause them to react in anger. The summary by Brett Reeder, Conflict Research