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TikTok Ban Debates: United States Concerns and Defenses in the Spotlight


Biden’s campaign leverages TikTok to reach young voters for the upcoming election, despite varying views on the app’s presence among US adults.

A recent poll by The Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research reveals a three-way split, with 31% favoring a nationwide ban on TikTok, 35% opposing it, and 31% remaining neutral.

The debate surrounding a potential TikTok ban gained momentum last year, fueled by concerns that Chinese laws could compromise user data and raise issues of propaganda dissemination. 

However, the US government and TikTok critics have not provided specific evidence to support these claims. TikTok has vehemently defended its data protection measures, emphasizing its independence from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance.

While the White House is expected to announce efforts to safeguard Americans’ personal data from foreign adversaries, the AP-NORC poll indicates that TikTok users, primarily younger individuals, are less concerned about data sharing. 

About a quarter of daily TikTok users express concerns about the Chinese government accessing personal information, compared to half of US adults overall.

TikTok’s Efforts to Combat Misinformation

Biden’s campaign leverages TikTok to reach young voters for the upcoming election, despite varying views on the app’s presence among US adults.

The poll also indicates that 56% of US adults favor a more limited TikTok ban on government devices, aligning with measures implemented by several states, the federal government, and other countries. 

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign, aiming to connect with younger voters, has adopted TikTok, using a separate cell phone and additional security measures.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner and some Republicans express continued concerns about TikTok’s security. Despite security debates, the poll highlights that six in ten US adults, and 41% of daily TikTok users, are concerned about the time spent by children and teenagers on the platform. 

Additionally, 59% worry about misinformation spreading, while around half are concerned about dangerous or illegal activities showcased on TikTok. The company has implemented time limits for minors, but these restrictions still allow continued content consumption

TikTok is also intensifying efforts to combat misinformation through partnerships with global fact-checking organizations and the establishment of fact-checking hubs within the app for the upcoming European Union elections.

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