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Trump Campaign Puts Brakes on RFK Jr. Vice Presidency Talks


The Donald Trump campaign quickly refuted recent allegations that he was contemplating Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a running mate.

Senior adviser Chris LaCivita took to social media, formerly known as Twitter, to dismiss the notion, asserting that such a partnership with the liberal and radical environmentalist Kennedy would never come to fruition.

Speculation surrounding this peculiar pairing intensified after the New York Post published a story alleging that the Trump campaign had approached RFK Jr. about potentially joining the ticket. Sources close to the former president hinted at early discussions, but Kennedy reportedly declined any interest.

Despite Kennedy’s apparent disinterest, at least one Trump donor hinted that efforts to enlist him as a running mate were ongoing. This revelation adds a layer of intrigue to an already unconventional political narrative.

The concept of Trump and Kennedy teaming up is not without its advocates within Trump’s circle, most notably Steve Bannon. Bannon has been vocal in his support, suggesting that such a ticket could secure a massive landslide victory. He believes that their alliance could attract a significant portion of the electorate, transcending traditional party lines.

Trump’s Praise for Kennedy

The Donald Trump campaign quickly refuted recent allegations that he was contemplating Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a running mate.

Trump himself has made favorable remarks about Kennedy in the past, acknowledging his intelligence and the resonance of his unconventional viewpoints on various issues. 

Kennedy’s controversial stance on vaccination, among other topics, has garnered attention and sparked debate, particularly within the context of Trump’s potential reelection bid. However, the feasibility of a Trump-Kennedy ticket remains uncertain, given the complexities of party structures, ballot access, and political allegiances. 

Despite the enthusiasm of some supporters, logistical and ideological hurdles may ultimately prevent such an alliance from materializing. As the political landscape continues to evolve, the notion of unexpected partnerships and unconventional strategies underscores the unpredictable nature of American politics. 

While the idea of Trump and Kennedy joining forces may capture imaginations, the reality may prove to be far more complex and nuanced than initially speculated.

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