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Ohio Pastor’s Heroic Sacrifice: Dies Saving Family in Tragic Fire While Holding Sons


Pastor Mark Robinette, who tragically perished in a house fire in Ohio last week, is being fondly remembered for his heroic actions and compassionate heart. 

The devastating blaze erupted on Ballah Road in Orient on January 23, claiming the lives of three males aged 55, 17, and 10, as reported by the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Among the victims were Pastor Mark Robinette, his son Gideon, 17, and Liam, 10, as confirmed by Haley McGuire on Facebook. Heartbreakingly, Mark was discovered cradling his two sons when their bodies were found amidst the aftermath of the fire.

Julie Trapani, the pastor’s sister-in-law, shares that in the face of this unimaginable loss, the family finds solace in their unwavering faith. Trapani says, “Our faith is everything,” emphasizing how important their faith is to their ability to cope.

A much-loved member of his neighborhood, Mark devoted over two decades of his life to pastoral work. As evidence of his strong commitment to encouraging spiritual development and community involvement, he founded the Foundation Church in Mount Sterling in 2000.

Ohio’s Daring and Selfless Pastor

Pastor Mark Robinette, who tragically perished in a house fire in Ohio last week, is being fondly remembered for his heroic actions and compassionate heart.

Mark was described as daring and selfless, and his goal was to assist people who were frequently disregarded by society. Trapani remembers, “He always greeted you with a hug,” highlighting Mark’s unending love and compassion.

At his funeral, Mark’s surviving children pledged to carry on their father’s legacy, ensuring that his dreams live on. Mark’s wife, Andrea, found strength to sing at the service, a testament to her resilience amidst profound grief.

The Robinette family’s strong faith and the outpouring of support from their community have been pillars of strength during this trying time. Liam, remembered as a tender soul, had a penchant for storytelling and touching the lives of others with his heartfelt letters.

Following this tragic event in Ohio, the family has raised about $250,000 through GoFundMe, demonstrating the outpouring of charity. Trapani says she is grateful for all of the wonderful support she has received and says that everyone has been very kind.

As they navigate through grief and healing, the Robinette family remains steadfast in their belief that love and faith will guide them through the darkest of days, cherishing the memories of their beloved pastor, husband, father, and son.

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