US Pushes Countries To Curb China Chip Industry


After meeting with the Dutch government, a US official was on his way to Japan with the intention of pressuring allies to further limit China’s capacity to develop advanced semiconductors. Alan Estevez, the US Undersecretary of Commerce for Industry and Security, was attempting to expand on the three nations’ agreement last year to retain chip-making machinery from China that could aid in modernizing the US military.

Meetings For Curtailing Chinese Chip Industry

Spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lin Jian responded by saying Beijing was against the US confronting other nations, imposing its will on them, and stifling China’s semiconductor industry. A representative for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs verified that a meeting had happened on Monday in the Netherlands. Though it did not comment on diplomatic exchanges, the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry stated that it has a number of exchanges with the US.

US Limited Exports Of Equipmens Of Chinese Chip Industry

In 2022, the United States placed limitations on the export of sophisticated processors and chip-making machinery to China, targeting firms such as Nvidia Corp. and Lam Research Corp., both based in California. Japan, the country that produces chip equipment such as Nikon Corp. and Tokyo Electron Ltd., restricted the export of 23 different types of equipment in July of last year in order to comply with US policy. These devices ranged from machines that etch out tiny circuits to those that have deposited films on silicon wafers.

Next, claiming jurisdiction because ASML’s systems contain parts and components from the United States, the US placed restrictions on additional DUV machines to a small number of Chinese factories. The Dutch government then started to regulate the sales of deep ultraviolet (DUV) lithography systems to China by the Netherlands-based ASML Holding NV.

ASML is the largest chip equipment manufacturer in the world. Regarding the addition of 11 more Chinese semiconductor firms to a restricted list, Washington is reportedly in discussions with allies. There are presently five factories on the list, one of which being Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., the biggest chip manufacturer in China.

US Wants Authority Over Chip Industry

Additionally, the US claims it wants authority over more machinery used to make chips. The US Department of Commerce’s spokeswoman declined to comment. The meeting on Monday was a part of ongoing discussions between the Netherlands and the United States on export policy and security, according to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Netherlands maintains constant communication with our allies. April was a visit by US officials to the Netherlands in an attempt to prevent ASML from maintaining specific equipment in China. Nonetheless, the ASML servicing agreements remain in effect, and the Dutch government lacks the authority to terminate them beyond its borders.

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