Netanyahu labels US student protests ‘antisemitic’; demands to end it


Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, strongly criticized the pro-Palestinian demonstrations at US universities as “horrific” and called for them to be halted. He labeled the students involved as antisemitic.

The tensions escalated as protests erupted at various campuses, notably at Columbia University, where students demanded divestment from weapons manufacturers linked to Israel. These protests resulted in numerous student suspensions and arrests in states like New York, Texas, and California.

The US, being a key ally of Israel and a major military aid provider, has heightened concerns over the safety of Israeli and Jewish students and faculty amidst the escalating demonstrations.

Netanyahu expressed deep concern over the situation at American universities, highlighting the alleged antisemitic incidents and targeting of Jewish individuals during the protests. He criticized university leaders for allegedly allowing intimidation and hate speech to flourish on their campuses.

Netanyahu claimed that “antisemitic mobs” had seized control of prominent universities, advocating for Israel’s destruction and attacking Jewish members of the community. He emphasized the urgency to stop such actions, calling on university presidents to take more decisive measures. Netanyahu urged all individuals who value their shared values and civilization to unite and declare “enough is enough” in the face of these troubling developments.

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