Biden says US to begin sending military equipment to Ukraine within ‘hours’


The President, Joe Biden, announced on Wednesday that the U.S. will start sending military equipment to Ukraine within “a few hours” after the long-awaited foreign aid package was passed.

He shared from the White House that he had just signed the $95 billion package, emphasizing that it will enhance the safety of both America and the world. Despite facing challenges, Biden expressed relief that the legislation finally made it to his desk, crediting the collective effort that brought it to fruition.

Biden highlighted the importance of acting swiftly, especially given the escalating conflict in Ukraine. The aid package, which includes around $61 billion for Ukraine to combat Russian aggression, signifies a significant step in supporting the war-torn nation.

This marks the first time in over a year that Congress has approved new aid for Ukraine, reflecting the urgency of the situation as Russian attacks intensify and Ukraine’s air defenses face strain.

In preparation for the bill’s approval, the Biden administration had prepared a military assistance package of approximately $1 billion for Ukraine, as revealed by a U.S. official to ABC News on Tuesday.

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