Ex-aide Hope Hicks gets emotional during Trump trial testimony


Hope Hicks, a former White House aide, became emotional towards the end of her testimony on Friday during the hush-money trial involving former US President Donald Trump. Ms. Hicks, who served as Mr. Trump’s campaign spokesperson in 2016 and was a close confidante, testified in the New York courtroom. Mr. Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of falsifying business records to conceal the payment and has denied any wrongdoing.

During her testimony, Ms. Hicks shared her experience working with the former president and discussed the Access Hollywood tape from 2005, where Mr. Trump made controversial remarks. She mentioned feeling stunned upon hearing the tape and anticipated it would become a significant story.

When contacted by a reporter from The Washington Post about the tape, she forwarded the email to key campaign staffers, advising to “deny, deny, deny.” Ms. Hicks described this response as a reflex action.

It’s a complex situation with emotions running high, especially given the nature of the trial and the involvement of high-profile individuals like Hope Hicks and Donald Trump.

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Hope Hicks’ testimony shed light on the internal reactions within the Trump campaign upon learning about the Access Hollywood tape. After receiving the reporter’s email, Ms. Hicks promptly forwarded it to top campaign staffers, emphasizing the strategy of denial. This approach was discussed in a meeting where the tape was shared with Mr. Trump. During her testimony, Ms. Hicks expressed her concern and detailed the shock that reverberated within the campaign upon hearing the tape. The situation highlighted the challenges and dynamics faced by the campaign team during a critical period in the 2016 presidential election.

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