Marjorie Taylor Greene Advocates For The Removal Of The House Speaker: Know More Here


Marjorie Taylor Greene Advocates For The Removal Of The House Speaker: Although the motion required a vote on Mr. Johnson’s fate within two legislative days, the conservative firebrand filed it last month but refrained from formally bringing it.

She said at the time that she was sending a message to the Republican leader with her behaviour.

She has since carried out her threat.

Her move “is wrong for the Republican conference, wrong for the institution, and wrong for the country,” according to a statement released by Speaker Johnson.

Ms. Greene forced the vote in part because Mr. Johnson backed a $61 billion military aid package to Ukraine that was passed by the House on April 20.

“Mike Johnson is not capable of that job,” Ms Greene said on Wednesday. “He has proven it over and over again.”

Republicans and President Joe Biden valued Speaker Johnson’s cooperation on Ukraine aid, so on Tuesday, Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives promised to back him if his leadership was in jeopardy.

The Democratic commitment was described by Ms. Greene as “a warm hug and a big wet sloppy kiss” for the speaker.

The Georgia lawmaker was allegedly under pressure from Republican officials, including former president Donald Trump, to desist from her attempt to remove Mr Johnson. The congresswoman was reportedly worried that a power struggle inside the party would hurt the party’s chances in November’s general election.

In October of last year, Democrats and a few Republicans cast a vote to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy, which sparked three weeks of Republican strife as multiple front-runners fell short of receiving the nearly unanimous party support required to take the gavel.

In the end, Mr. Johnson won, partly due to his lack of popularity and links to the party leadership. However, after he collaborated with Democrats to approve government funding legislation earlier this year, some Republicans—including Ms Greene—became less supportive of him.

“I voted for Mike Johnson because his voting record before he became speaker was conservative,” Ms Greene said on Wednesday. “Once he became speaker, he has become a man that none of us recognise.”

With the support of two additional Republicans in the House, Ms. Greene’s campaign should be successful in unseating the speaker with Democratic support in the sharply divided chamber. Conversely, the Democrats have declared that they will vote in favour of “table” the resolution, thereby killing it, along with pro-Johnson Republicans.

Next week, Ms. Greene said, she will present her motion to remove Mr Johnson.

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