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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan – The Final Battle for Your Soul

File photo: Benjamin Clapp, Shutter Stock, licensed.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world” (1 Peter 5:8-9).

GREEN BAY, WI – The world has dissolved into chaos. America, once a beacon of Almighty God and His Biblical Laws and once a bastion of freedom/liberty, has been taken over by Marxist/Communist leaders and principles. This also has happened in many countries around the world.

We see it in the vast censoring of Christians and conservatives. We see it in the attack on our families and our family values. And we see it in the weaponizing of a manmade pandemic that led to lockdowns of Americans—and led to great loss of our freedoms and rights.

Right now, this Global Marxist Deep State—made up of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, and other worldwide elites at the World Economic Forum/Davos—is propagating an international food shortage and the shutdown of fossil fuels, the latter of which supplies most of the world’s energy needs.

And these monsters mean business!

Of course, Covid merely was a part of the Global Cabal/Deep State’s ‘Great Reset,’ their plan to take over the world by depopulating ‘we common folk,’ whom they regard as ‘cattle/livestock’—and then their plan on enslaving the rest to do their bidding.

Yes, Covid was a planned biological attack on the world, as these evil Elites have run out of money—since the world no longer will honor the United States dollar —and thus they are trying everything in their arsenal to achieve their nefarious goal!

Sadly, America has been infiltrated by this Global Cabal—and has been implicated in being a part of research that led to this worldwide pandemic. We remember that the U. S. Department of Defense actually admitted that there were 46 biolabs in Ukraine that were funded by the U. S. Military.

Now, Russia is busy cleaning out the Global Cabal’s nest of these bioweapons labs, and also destroying the Cabal’s human trafficking and money laundering facilities in that country.

And there is plenty of proof on all of these assertions.  For example, world-renowned doctor and health scientist/researcher Dr. Richard Fleming recently revealed, under oath, that the Covid-19 virus was a bioweapon.  He explained that the vaccine really is an experiment in the research phase—and he told us what the vaccines really do to our bodies.

We the People also are aware of the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci is no unwitting victim of this virus, as explosive testimony recently revealed at a congressional hearing on gain-of-function research.

Moreover, the Biden administration has its fingerprints all over this tragedy, as multiple scientists currently are suing this administration for censoring Covid-19 facts.

But it doesn’t end there.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also recently admitted some very scary truths about the Covid vaccine.

And then there’s always good old ‘reliable’ Facebook, and their colluding with the Biden administration on censoring Covid information. This evidence was obtained by several state attorney generals.

We have also had doctors, scientists, and professionals from over 34 countries declaring an ‘International Medical Crisis’.

And then there are the scientists from Harvard and Johns Hopkins having found Covid vaccines to be 98 times worse than the virus itself!

Even former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Birx stated that the CDC needs to be transparent—that the vaccines did not offer the protection that she thought they did, and that she knew long ago that the vaccines would not protect against infection.

Also of interest, Pfizer and Moderna have been hacked, and their info has been placed on this site:

In addition, it should be noted that the current Monkeypox scare also should be taken with great caution.  Experts say that this chiefly is spread via gay men—and board-certified in family medicine Dr. Joseph Mercola recently has written a riveting article on how Monkeypox is a scam that was manmade.

But in getting back to the infamous Dr. Fauci, we see that he now has stepped down effective this coming December as NIAID Director and Chief Medical Advisor to Biden. Very curious timing on this departure….

Of course, the crumbling of the Global Deep State’s manmade pandemic plan, which was orchestrated in order to take over We the People, does not mean that the evil ones stopped with their wicked scheming—not by a long shot!

We now see that their ever-dependable lies and deceit associated with their phony ‘Climate Change’ debacle are collectively rearing their ugly head once again.  This video mirrors what other various credible sources are saying, which is that climate change, along with its sustainability goals, were cleverly created for the purpose of implementing the Cabal’s Great Reset/New World Order—also referred to as Agenda 30.

And by the way, the Global Elites’ Agenda 30 simply is a redo from their original Agenda 21, as they had planned to implement this wicked plan by the year 2021—but of course have since failed, both with Trump’s 2016 election and now with We the People worldwide having awoken to their ill-conceived plan for worldwide domination.  This plot also involves pushing the common-folk, whom they refer to as ‘useless eaters,’ out of self-sufficient farming so that this Cabal can create ‘smart cities’—where the people own nothing, are surveyed 24/7, and eat bugs!

A little research on how much land Bill Gates, a high-level member of this Global Elite establishment, has purchased yields quite a treasure-trove of information.  Under the guise of ‘saving the planet,’ he and this evil Cabal are expropriating much of the land for themselves.

We also saw how this administration immediately shut down the Keystone XL pipeline when they took over—another supposed ‘duty to protect climate change.’  The corrupt media, ever the ally of this dishonesty, then ran with the false story that the Keystone XL was an export pipeline to China.

However, the fact is that not one drop of crude oil was going to be exported.  It was a supply line to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries—which had signed up to 20-year binding commercial contracts to receive oil through Keystone XL.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration has declared a war on fossil fuels, which has led to massive shortages of energy in the United States that already signify a long, cold summer ahead. Denver News, for example, recently ran an article stating that thousands of Xcel customers in Colorado tried adjusting their thermostats—but found that they had no control over the temperatures in their own homes

And despite Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s recent warning that the U. S. economy should brace for “some pain,” this administration continues to pump more hard-earned tax dollars into this climate change hoax.  On August 7th, the U.S. Senate passed yet another huge spending bill in the amount of $740 billion on behalf of the WEF’s ongoing farce that the Senate misleadingly titled the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

This merely is more of our tax dollars being thrown out the window.  In fact, NASA Satellite Temperatures Statistics just released information stating that there has been no global warming in almost eight years despite more C02 being put into the atmosphere. In fact, the August, 2022 temperature is at the same level as it was in August, 1998

And thankfully, there are some brave souls out there who are putting their lives and careers on the line to state this truth on the world’s climate status to We the People.  As many as 1,200 worldwide scientists and professionals recently came out stating that “There is no climate emergency”

Also of interest, there are many sources stating that weather manipulation technology has been available for quite some time now. Truth to tell, China actually has been in the news stating that they plan on expanding their weather modification program.

Yet amidst all of this worldwide chaos, the Global Cabal faction that has infiltrated the United States’ top level agencies decided to enact an unprecedented raid on the personal residence of President Donald J. Trump.  Oh, how the plot of ‘Almighty God versus Satan’ thickens immeasurably with that foolish endeavor of theirs!

Of course, the FBI went in, guns a-blazin’.  Never mind that this was overkill, that this was an attack like we’ve never seen before on a former President.  Never mind that Merrick Garland signed off on this raid after refusing to sign off on a raid on the Unabomber.  Yes, the move toward Marxism/Communism continues, as former Deputy Assistant Terry Turchie reveals to us.

And there also was some nice reporting recently, once again, by John Solomon at Just the News, where Solomon asserted that someone had leaked White House memos to him proving that President Biden was deeply involved in urging the United States Justice Department to investigate Trump.

Want more proof that Biden was behind everything, and that he even scuttled Trump’s ‘Execute privilege’? Here we have it.

And the FBI also has been implicated in misconduct claims by a slew of whistleblowers that came out after the raid on Trump.

Truth to tell, former Government Official Kash Patel is saying that the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago makes Watergate look like the teacup ride at Disney World.  And he went on to state: “Now you have a six-year saga of criminal activity from Russiagate to the raid.  It’s the same people who started and launched Russiagate that are now supervising and doing the Mar-A-Lago raid…. And the mainstream media is covering and applauding it…. This same crew wants to hide from the public the 40 percent of documents that Devin and I found during Russiagate but were unable to get out to the public. The documents that President Trump declassified…. Stay tuned. All roads begin and end with Russiagate, and I think we are going to be proven right.” 

There’s also the very interesting statement by top legal scholar Mike Davis on a hypothetical, but probable, reason for the raid on Trump.  He declared that the raid is a charade, and that the raid was undertaken because Trump had the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ records declassified and then took a personal copy.  Davis went on to explain that this development is terrifying to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, Susan Rice, and the FBI Intel Community Deep State because they know that the Crossfire Hurricane records are damning.

Let’s also remember that these FBI agents and officials involved in the Trump raid are under investigation by Durham for abuse of power. Sure sounds like another good reason for the FBI to come up with a bogus raid on their staunch enemy…their enemy only because Trump stands up for the American people!

Now, General Michael Flynn recently posted a message to President Trump on Telegram as follows: “No @realDonaldTrump, the invasive and outrageous violation of your home for false reasons should never have happened. America is not a third world country, but the Democratic leftist party are doing everything that they can to destroy America.” Flynn also proclaimed that the American people will speak on this matter in the upcoming elections.

And of further interest, a retired FBI boss also recently spoke up on the injustice of this raid on Mar-a-Lago.  Retired Assistant Director of the FBI Kevin Brock asserted that the Feds are “going to regret this.”  He further explained that the FBI did not exhaust other means or appear to have established probable cause for a search.

But that doesn’t stop arrogant people like ex-CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden from implying that Trump should be executed for taking classified documents.

Such inflammatory and unwarranted accusations by those either involved in, or a party to, the Deep State.

And these foolish overstatements can have very serious consequences.  Bernard Kerik, former New York Police Commissioner—and one who is not given to hyperbole—is warning that if the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago does not stop Trump, he believes that the next move of the Global Elite Deep State is assassination.

Let that settle in.

Nevertheless, Trump, with Almighty God at his back, always seems to be two steps ahead of this evil Cabal. In response to the raid, he has asked a judge to appoint a Special Master to review the materials that were seized by the government—and this judge, U. S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, who was a Trump appointee, has granted Trump’s request. Judge Cannon also blocked further criminal investigation of documents seized from Mar-a-Lago—much to the Deep State’s humiliation.

And in touching back for a bit to Biden’s fingerprints being all over the Trump raid, the Special Master Order reveals Biden’s direct involvement in the Trump raid, where Biden did not just defer to the NARA, but then asked them to give the FBI the documents! 

This all is very good news for the Trump team. As well, a recent New York Post article says that top FBI agent Timothy Thibault resigned amid claims that he shielded Hunter Biden from a probe, and that “the agent was escorted out of the field office by at least two ‘headquarters-looking types.’” 

We also know that, as stated in the following article, “the FBI went to Facebook during the 2020 election, and indicated that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation.” Now, keep in mind that we now know that the FBI was aware at that time that this was not true! The article also goes on to state that “In reality, the bureau had known since 2019 that the story was real because they themselves were in possession of the laptop.” 

And speaking of Facebook, President Trump made a rather mysterious comment at his recent September 3rd rally in Pennsylvania. Trump said that during the week prior to the rally, Mark Zuckerberg came to the White House and made all over Trump, even telling him that he/Trump was number one on Facebook! 

This almost sounds like Trump is still President. Enquiring minds certainly go into overdrive after hearing that statement from Trump, as we know that he chooses his words very carefully.

Then, also very strangely, we remember that right after that comment by Trump at the rally, Zuckerberg appeared on the hugely popular Joe Rogan podcast and actually confessed the story on the FBI telling Facebook and the media that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. Zuckerberg added during this interview that Facebook also algorithmically censored the laptop story for seven days based upon a general request from the FBI to restrict election misinformation.

Sure sounds like there’s quite a bit of white hat control going on behind the scenes, as Zuckerberg obviously would never willingly turn himself in—nor would he decide to inform on a collusion between the FBI and Facebook, in terms of election interference. Why his sudden candor?

Well, it could be that with the raid on Trump’s private residence, a line has been crossed?  It sure seems so.

Because we then saw President Trump demanding that a redo of the 2020 election be held immediately—due to this “massive fraud and election interference”

And also, during a recent NDTV interview, Trump commented once again on what he and many feel was a fraudulent November, 2020 Presidential election. He asserted, “We had a terrible election. A terrible, terrible thing happened.  It was a rigged election—and we’ll now see what happens.” 

And Trump is getting a great deal of support on this effort from many areas.  One such organization is True the Vote, which recently released data that had been given to the FBI months ago on how China has info on 1.8 million U. S. election workers on a server in Wuhan, Chain—and on how the FBI is not going after China, but instead after True the Vote’s Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips!

Indeed, proof of massive fraud in that election is mounting more and more. Lara Logan, a 35-year television and radio journalist and war correspondent known for her reliability, recently interviewed retired U. S. Air Force Colonel Shawn Smith. Smith told her that someone owns what she referred to as a “perpetual worldwide copyright of everything on the cyber industry system,” and that it is difficult even for cyber officials who are in the cyber industry to get to the truth at the bottom of the cyber industry system.

Colonel Smith further explained that the same holds true for the voting systems. He said that the voting system manufacturers even have proprietary restrictions on their own software. Smith added that the commercial, third-party software, like Microsoft, is so very vulnerable that no voting systems should be using it—but that most of the U. S. uses this vulnerable, third-party, software.

Logan also recently produced a movie entitled Selection Code, which My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell funded.  She says that this film proves to the entire world that computer systems or voting machines can never again be used for election results—that they are far too easily manipulated. 

Logan also comments that during elections held via computer systems or voting machines, the people who ‘win’ are being selected, not elected. She also says that they, those who rigged the elections, actually left the evidence in the machines

For a trailer to the movie Selection Code, visit YouTube.

We also saw where a judge released a bombshell report on a forensic audit of Dominion Voting Systems, which revealed that the machines and their software were ‘designed’ to ‘create systemic fraud’.

Of course, the voting fraud, which is worldwide in scope and has been ever since the advent of voting machines, is merely one of many evil tentacles attached to the Global Cabal/Deep State—there are many more facets to this ugly and malevolent mammoth.

But the good news is that the layers of evil now are being revealed at a much faster pace, most obviously by Almighty God of the Bible, awful layer by awful layer.

General Michael Flynn also recently discussed the New World Order, which he says is made up of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEC), in tandem with the British monarchy, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and others. He confirmed that “these people are looking at a global reset, a New World Order, run by a globalist elite governing body”

The following video exposes, in just 60 seconds, the entire plan of the WEC. It shows that the evil Global Cabal thinks that if they control the food and energy, they can control the people. We also see on this short video that the second largest exporter of food in the world, which is the Netherlands, is being targeted by the WEC so that they are being forced to shut down their farms.

These food plants are being shut down all over the world, and cattle are being killed.  The Global Cabal also is promoting ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance), and this environmentalism will starve the poor children worldwide—many of whom will die. The question of ‘Why isn’t this making front page news?’ is being asked in this small clip, as well.

Although there is a faction of peaceful Chinese, which is known as the People’s Republic of China, there also is another division in their culture, which is known as the Chinese Communist Party.  The CCP is evil and supports communism—and it has been infiltrating our U. S. organizations and government for some time now, as we learn from General Michael Flynn.

Now, the CCP is in total agreement with the WEC’s desire to make humans into robot-type creatures.  China’s tech company Xiaomi actually already built a smart humanoid robot named CyberOne.

And the WEC also has been very busy looking into ‘normalizing’ the implanting of tracking chips into humans.  hey even go so far as to suggest that there are “solid, rational” reasons for children to be microchipped! 

And then there’s the recent software engineer at Google who thinks that the company’s artificial intelligence has come to life.

There also is Dr. Charles Morgan, who is a neurobiological and forensic research expert who asserted several years ago that life has been created—and that the new way to hide info will be in DNA.

Moreover, we saw a recent article that stated that the WEF has proposed ‘sound waves for mind control’after which they deleted the page.

And sadly, it isn’t just the World Economic Forum that has been infiltrated. The U. S. United Nations also has been compromised by this Global Cabal/Deep State. The UN recently warned that George Soros, the Rothschilds, and the State of Israel must not be linked to any alleged conspiracies.

And by the way, BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street own over half of the companies in the Fortune 500—where we know that it’s all about power and money, and that We the People are not at all on the list of these evil Elites’ concerns.  Interestingly, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has stated that “markets like totalitarian governments and not democracies” like in America…and that democracies are a pain because everyone then gives their own opinion.

This Global Cabal/Deep State definitely does not want us to think for ourselves. And they do not want us to own guns.  In all truth, they consider the greatest threat in the world right now is ‘America and its gun owners.’ Remember how Canada banned assault weapons last year while promising to never ban the people’s guns? And then this year already, they banned the people’s guns?

Well, let’s just take a look at where America is headed regarding its gun owners.On July 29th of this year, the United States Congress’ House of Representatives voted 217-213 to pass legislation banning assault weapons. Sound a bit scary?

Well, it should send the chills down your spine, because a brief review of history reveals that all totalitarian governments first take the people’s guns before taking over as a dictator-type, Communist regime.

Furthermore, the Deep State has many other irons in the fire, in terms of their planned takeover of America—as well as all of humanity. One of those irons involves a push toward a nuclear war.

We saw no wars with Donald Trump, Yet now we see in the news every day that China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are moving toward a weapons war with the United States. So let’s just look at the ramifications between a possible war between the United States and Russia, for example, both nuclear powers.  We see that five billion people would die of hunger during a full-scale nuclear war between these two countries

Of course, the Biden administration and their affiliated Global Cabal are not worried at all about a global nuclear war. Why is that?  Because they have underground bunkers all set up in style just in case this should happen. This is why they now actually are pushing for it!  We see this via the Biden’s administration’s and the Cabal’s stance toward all of our enemy countries.

This possibility of nuclear war does have President Trump concerned, however.  We saw him at a recent CPAC convention stating that the next few months will determine whether America survives socialism/fascism or not.  He cautioned all Americans to wake up to the state of America at this moment, urging: “We don’t have time to wait. Our country is shot. It’s being destroyed!” 

Trump also never minced words at a WEC meeting that he attended on behalf of the U. S., where he blasted the ‘Depopulation Agenda’ and the Cabal/Globalists ‘Prophet of Doom’

And President Trump is not the only one who is calling on We the People to stand against this massive onslaught of evil being perpetrated by the Deep State.  General Michael Flynn penned an outstanding ‘call to arms,’ as well.  In his article, Flynn tells us that we have a war to wage—and he presses us to put on God’s Armor, and to defend America’s Judeo-Christian principles and values amidst the raging storms.

Yes, we are in the midst of a storm worldwide. Even Pope Francis has agreed with this assessment, stating that we already are experiencing World War III.

Remember that Trump faced major headwinds when he ran for office in 2016.  We know that God’s Hand was involved in Trump’s win, as we now are well aware that the evil ones have been using voter machine fraud for some time now—and so no doubt were using it in that election.  And this tells us that Trump’s win in 2016 was big enough to break the algorithm on the corrupted machines, despite the massive fraud.  By the way, the rigging of that election also was verified by American Attorney and former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell, as well as other reliable sources.

Nevertheless, let’s remember that Trump never surrendered. Trump never conceded.

This is good news, because Trump and his close associates/aides have every piece of incriminating information that they need to take America back.  Former Government Official Kash Patel has verified that Trump has all of the information, and that Trump will release it “in Trump time.”

Patel also says, “We have the people. We figured it out after the first administration under President Trump, where we found the Deep-Staters nesting themselves in just because they thought they had a duty to break the chain of command and oust the duly-elected President of the United States.” 

But it gets better.

Dinesh D’Souza, best-selling author and creator of 2016:  Obama’s America, told us the details of Trump’s brilliant idea to drain the swamp. It was called ‘Schedule F’—and it very well showed us that Trump is indeed a masterful chess player!

Let’s clarify how this worked. Since the President only is in charge of those whom he appoints, Trump decided to ‘change the designation’ so that people who have been appointed can be fired, pretty much ‘at will,’ by converting them from civil servants to ‘Schedule F.’ Tens of thousands of employees could be fired this way. Now, this idea did not have enough time, partially due to Covid’s introduction by the Global Deep State, to be played out to fruition—but the idea was, and is, still there!

Trump actually alluded several times to having caught ‘The Swamp,’ and in the following clip he even confirmed this on the ‘shadowy’ CNN channel.

President Trump also was interviewed by VRA Insider, where he brought this subject up again. Trump was quoted as stating, “What’s going on has never been seen in this country before. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. It is so serious, this whole thing. I’m at the forefront. I’m proud to be at the forefront.  We’ve caught them, but we need some strength on the Republican side.” 

And then there’s also the ongoing Durham investigation to consider. Durham was tapped to investigate how the FBI ended up putting forth a tainted warrant based upon false info that came straight from the Clinton campaign—and Durham was tapped to examine how the fraudulent warrant then was dispersed to the FISA Court to spy on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

But that is only half of what Durham was tasked to investigate. The other half involves the transition that was made once Trump assumed office as President—in terms of how the Deep State did not stop spying on, and trying to falsely incriminate, Trump once he took the oath of office.

They kept right on going…on and on nonstop…right into Treason. Durham therefore is investing Treason against the United States of America and a duly elected President!

And very recently, we saw that Durham’s case in this regard has heated up substantially. We recall that in the later part of June, 2022, a United States v. Danchenko Protective Order was granted as to Igor Danchenko, who is a British ex-spy and also Christopher Steele’s alleged main source for his discredited dossier.

Moreover, something else to bear in mind is that former Government Official Kash Patel told us that the Danchenko case “intersects the Clinton campaign, their dirty deeds, their fake money, Christopher Steele, and the likes of Fusion GPS.” Patel also revealed that Danchenko was caught, and that the 30 subpoenas subsequently issued are going to shed light on the heart of this matter, as there will be real people testifying on this in federal court.

And then recently, this story developed even further. It’s now been disclosed publicly that after the FBI caught Danchenko is a number of lies, they subsequently signed him up as a paid FBI ‘confidential human source’ against Trump! 

Nonetheless, for those who think that the Deep State still is getting away with their evil, we must consider the following multiple areas that have been exposed:  the fact that Covid was preplanned biological attack, the fact that the U. S. actually funded bioweapons laboratories, the systematic destruction of food growth and distribution, the purposeful supply chain disruptions, and the corruption of the Clintons/Obamas/Bushes and world Elites.

Add to that the exposure of: Epstein’s worldwide child/human sex trafficking ring, Vatican corruption, World Health Organization corruption, worldwide fake main stream media corruption, the corruption of the worldwide healthcare organizations/systems, the world monetary system corruption, and the high-level corruption in America’s intelligence agencies—the latter of which are connected to equally-corrupt world intelligence agencies and governments.

This proves that there actually have been quite a few strides made against the Global Cabal/Deep State.

And now we know that these demonic rats have been caught. Indeed, this wicked Cabal has been cornered in their vicious scheming against not only America, but against humanity as a whole.  And it would appear that they are not taking it well.

Hence, the illegal raid on Trump’s home.  And then we saw the FBI raiding 50 Trump-supporters’ homes. Additionally, let’s not forget about the recent raid on CEO of MyPillow Michael Lindell, where they even confiscated his phone.

Lindell claims that during this raid, the FBI agents asked him questions about Colorado and Dominion Voting Systems machines, hinting at the purpose of his phone’s seizure.

Lindell is of course heavily involved in exposing the November, 2020 Presidential election fraud, and that likely explains the FBI’s curiosity on just how much evidence Lindell and the Patriots on his side have collected—evidence that exposes the FBI’s manipulations against We the People.  By the way, Lindell is now suing the U. S government and the FBI over this incident.

Now, these unjustified actions by the Deep State simply divulge how desperate they are. The walls are closing in on them. Trump and the white hat, worldwide alliance have these vile creatures exactly where they want them.

And the noose is closing in around this Cabal in other ways, as well. There recently have been multiple whistleblowers coming forward concerning the January 6th, 2021 United States Capitol incident—the supposed ‘insurrection’ by loyal Trump supporters. These Patriots obviously have had enough of the Global Cabal/Deep State’s corruption of governmental institutions that were once revered.

The whistleblowers are alleging that “the Capitol Police had significant intelligence warnings about violence on January 6, and that the department failed to create the proper security plan.” 

Nevertheless, Trump’s recent Telegram posts reveal that he is not in the least concerned on this latest onslaught from the devil’s minions. He instead has declared, “We Will Win this War, not with violence, but with a Passionate Heart, a Peaceful Mind, AND RELENTLESS ACTION!!!  GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!!!  LOVE & TRUTH ARE ON OUR SIDE!!!  AND WE WILL WIN!!!”

Trump also doubled down on extreme offense with a post on his Truth Social platform, where he warned ominously: “The Storm is Coming…Where We Go One, We Go All!”

Now, we need to remember that this Military plan on behalf of the world’s white hat heroes has been in the works since President John F. Kennedy declared war on the Global Cabal/Deep State during his short tenure.  It was in his very last speech that he talked of being opposed to ‘secret societies.’ Kennedy bluntly exposed a global “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy system” with vast resources that is a “highly-efficient machine” of “military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations”—and JFK talked on the fact that they conceal things and silence dissenters.

At present, we are seeing in real-time that this Military plan of the worldwide white hat alliance is unfolding—and that this is a God-based plan that definitely coincides with Almighty God’s Holy Bible Prophecies.

Jesus of Nazareth told us that He is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Hence, we know that those three things are the most powerful forces of all, as they are God.  Every eye on this earth currently is primarily witnessing all of those three forces—‘The Unstoppable Power of Truth’—in this worldwide explosive war of God versus Satan.

“Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near” (Luke 21:28).  We are to be aware of the ‘signs of the times.’  And we do see that current events totally mirror Bible Prophecy, including Putin’s recent meeting with Turkey, where Turkey now is aligning with Russia.

Why is this meeting significant? It could well mean that the War of Gog and Magog, foretold in Ezekiel 38 and 39 of Holy Scripture, is about to unfold.  This war, the Bible explains, will involve Russia, Iran, and Turkey as the key countries that go to war with Israel—a war which Israel ultimately wins.

But the Bible also is clear in telling us that the only reason that Israel has ultimate victory is that the Lord Himself intervenes—as the odds are so very against Israel. Yes, this War of Gog and Magog may at this very moment in time be coming together just like a jigsaw puzzle. Stay tuned!

Of course, we Believers in Christ do not know if the Rapture of the Church takes place before, during, or after the War of Gog and Magog—but it sure seems like it is a whole lot later in approaching end times than people realize, as we personally witness the unfolding of latter-day Bible Prophecy.

At this point, it is apparent that the rampant evil on this earth has come to the point of no return. And sadly, America’s once bright ‘beacon on a hill,’ its ‘Bright Light’ directly from God Himself, has been all but extinguished. Former Congressman and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes has gone so far as to proclaim that “Congress is going to have to completely dismantle this entire wicked web that’s been spun for the last many years…. These people are psychopaths. And an end has to be put to them.” 

Kari Lake, who is the Republican nominee in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election, brilliantly summed up the current tense standoff between President Trump and the Global Cabal/Deep State as follows:  “They thought they could make President Trump go away. He disrupted their big game, which was taking our tax money, laundering it, doing all kinds of stuff that wasn’t helping the American people, nor was it helping America—they stole that election…he’s gonna come back…. They’re scared to death. They’re losing their grip on power.  Thank God.

And speaking of our wonderful and unconditionally-loving Lord and Creator, we see that President Trump tries to get us to envision what an America once again under the rule of Almighty God of the Holy Bible would look like, as he beseeches us to envision such a glorious state: “Imagine what our Country could accomplish if we started working toward one People, under one God, saluting one flag. It’s time to break with the bitter failures of the past, and to embrace the new American future.” 

Now, as you reminisce on the great evil that the world has been subject to for all of these years, remember also to keep in mind the current circumstances in which we find ourselves.  The evil Global Cabal has lost control of decades of indoctrination and power—and they literally cannot win.

You see, God is on a mission to bring deliverance. The fact that our so called American leaders could have been complicit in such atrocities merely reveals the inherent evil of mankind—ever since Man’s fall in the Garden of Eden. This awakens all of us.

But that evil is about to be confronted on a colossal scale—as these vermin are in the crosshairs of The Most High God, the Alpha and Omega, the Ancient of Days…our Great God Almighty, our Beloved Lord of All That Exists.  And we also are well aware that Believers in Christ could be raptured prior to anymore of God’s great reveal of this worldwide evil—or quite soon thereafter.

And thus, our hearts swell with excitement, as we sit with utterly-rap attention on the precipice of a ‘New Day.’ Watching this enormous evil disintegrate, bit by bit, is as intoxicating as it gets. It’s so very difficult to put into words, but perhaps former Military Intelligence Officer Seth Keschel expresses it best: “The shriekings that you hear are the last gasps of those who fear nothing more than power being returned to the people.”

Come, Lord Jesus!!

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