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Instagram Hotspots: Top 5 Must-Visit Cafes Across the New York


New York provides a variety of cafes that combine aesthetic charm with culinary excellence, perfect for those craving both great coffee and Instagram-worthy moments.

The café culture is a vital component of the city’s pulse in the dynamic landscape of New York, where every street is a drama and every corner a narrative. 

Here are the top five must-visit cafes across the city:

Cha Cha Matcha


Located in the bustling neighborhood of Nolita, Cha Cha Matcha is a haven for matcha enthusiasts and Instagram aficionados alike. Adorned in vibrant hues of green and pink, this café offers a range of matcha-infused beverages and delectable treats. From matcha lattes to soft-serve ice cream, every item on the menu is not only delicious but also photogenic, making it a popular spot for influencers and visitors seeking that perfect shot.

Bluestone Lane

With multiple locations scattered throughout the city, Bluestone Lane has become synonymous with New York’s café culture. Known for its cozy atmosphere and Australian-inspired cuisine, this café chain offers a selection of artisanal coffee blends and mouthwatering brunch options. Whether you’re snapping a picture of your avocado toast against the backdrop of their signature blue cups or capturing the sunlight streaming through the café’s windows, Bluestone Lane provides plenty of Instagram-worthy moments.



Tucked away in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, Sweatshop is a hidden gem loved by locals and visitors alike. This Australian-style café boasts industrial-chic décor, complete with exposed brick walls and hanging plants, creating a trendy yet inviting ambiance. Alongside their expertly crafted coffee creations, Sweatshop serves up an array of gourmet sandwiches and pastries, all of which are as visually appealing as they are delicious.


Step into Maman, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a charming French countryside café, right in the heart of New York City. With locations in SoHo, Tribeca, and Greenpoint, Maman offers a cozy escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. From their famous chocolate chip cookies served in rustic tin cans to their floral wallpaper and vintage furniture, every detail at Maman is carefully curated for that perfect Instagram moment.

Two Hands


Inspired by the laid-back lifestyle of Australia’s coastal towns, Two Hands brings a slice of Aussie charm to New York’s bustling Lower East Side. This cozy café exudes beachy vibes with its whitewashed walls, surfboards hanging from the ceiling, and laid-back soundtrack. Whether you’re sipping on a flat white or indulging in their famous açai bowls, Two Hands offers plenty of Instagram-worthy moments against its effortlessly cool backdrop.

In a city as diverse and dynamic as New York, these top five cafes stand out not only for their exceptional coffee and cuisine but also for their ability to provide an unforgettable experience, one that’s worthy of gracing your Instagram feed. 

So, grab your camera and your appetite, and embark on a journey through New York’s vibrant café scene.

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