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Nikki Haley Takes Campaign to California, Brushes Off Nevada Primary Absence


Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign continues on, unfazed, as it turns its attention to California following a surprise loss in Nevada’s primary. 

The former UN ambassador addressed supporters in Los Angeles’ historic Hollywood neighborhood, expressing determination and emphasizing her commitment to the long haul.

Supporters in California minimize the poor result in Nevada, where voters overwhelmingly chose none of these candidates. Haley is unfazed by the symbolic setback, saying, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m in this for the long haul.” 

Mail voting is already underway in the state, and those who gathered in a rainy Los Angeles evening eagerly anticipate Haley’s continued rivalry with former President Donald Trump.

Haley’s approach in California mirrors her defiance against Trump, positioning herself as a self-styled establishment outsider and a foil to the former president. She warns that another Trump term would bring chaos to the nation. 

Despite the Nevada setback, her supporters in California dismiss it as insignificant, attributing it to Trump loyalists allegedly rigging the rules.

Haley’s Financial Position

Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign continues on, unfazed, as it turns its attention to California following a surprise loss in Nevada’s primary.

Democratic voter Steven Whiddon, who cannot vote in the GOP primary but supports Haley, sees her as a pragmatic and sane choice. He believes the Nevada vote was manipulated by Trump supporters and does not impact Haley’s standing.

However, some supporters acknowledge the need for Haley to adjust her strategy. Sheldon Kay suggests engaging Trump supporters on issues like immigration and the economy rather than solely criticizing the former president. Wayne Watkins, drawn to Haley’s moderate politics, changed his party affiliation to vote for her in California, expressing concerns about Trump’s legal problems.

Haley’s campaign, reporting a fundraising success of $16.5 million in January, aims to position her as a strong general election candidate against Trump. While Trump is expected to dominate the California primary, slated for Super Tuesday on March 5, Haley’s campaign emphasizes the possibility of success by staying in the race.

California, with its significant delegate count, holds strategic importance, even though it is likely to lean heavily Democratic in the general election. As the campaign unfolds, Haley faces the challenge of reshaping her message to resonate with a broader audience, including those who remain loyal to Trump, while maintaining her appeal to a more moderate base.

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