Vermont Floods Leave The State Dangled! Roads, Tracks, Bridges Wiped Out

Ludlow Vermont Flooding
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The state of Vermont has recently been overtaken by heavy flooding after a massive storm approached it on Sunday, which has left towns isolated and the rails, roads and bridges dangling in the air.

A user shared a clip of a railroad track “dangling” in the air, which only leads to a deep gorge.

As per the National Weather Service, The railroad located in Ludlow, Vermont has received over 6.5 inches of rain since July. CBS News called the event a. “catastrophic damage“. Municipal Manager Brendan McNamara said, leaving the roughly 1,5000 people who live there with the burden to pick up the pieces after bearing the “brunt of the storm.”

Vermont Rail System told that service on the train, as well as much of its system, has been temporarily suspended as they conduct inspections and repairs.

“I talked to people today that said my house is gone. Thankfully we got through it with no loss of life,” McNamara previously said. “Ludlow will be fine. People are coming together and taking care of each other. We’ve been here before and we will get through it.”

Officials have recommended citizens boil their water before consuming as a Boil Water notice has been issued

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