Former TMS president Eddie Gossage dies at the age of 65


Eddie Gossage passes away at the age of 65. He was such an influential figure in the world of motorsports, especially during his time as the president of Texas Motor Speedway. It’s clear that he had a deep love for racing and was a huge fan himself.

Speedway Motorsports shared the news on behalf of his family, expressing their condolences and acknowledging the impact that Gossage had on the motorsports community. He was known for his legendary promotions and the lasting relationships he built throughout the sports and entertainment industries.

Gossage had a long and successful career with Speedway Motorsports and Bruton Smith, working for them for 32 years. He stepped down as president of Texas Motor Speedway in May 2021. It’s also worth mentioning that Bruton Smith, the founder of Speedway Motorsports, passed away in June 2022.

Gossage’s passion for motorsports was evident in his appearances on NBC 5, where he shared his insights into the industry. He had a memorable moment in 1992 when a stunt he organized during a news conference at Charlotte Motor Speedway accidentally set Smith’s hair on fire. Despite that mishap, Gossage’s dedication and talent led to incredible opportunities, including his role as the general manager of Texas Motor Speedway when it was built in 1997. He later became the president of the track in 2004.

Eddie Gossage’s contributions to motorsports will always be remembered, and his loss is deeply felt by his many friends, colleagues, and his beloved family. May he rest in peace.

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