10-year-old girl reported missing in Freeport


Lilyana Ebbing, a 10-year-old girl from Freeport, Illinois, was reported missing on Friday morning. The Freeport Police Department quickly launched an investigation and sought the help of the public to locate her. They shared that Lilyana had gone missing since Thursday from the 100 block of N. West Avenue in Freeport.

The police described Lilyana’s appearance at the time she went missing. She was last seen wearing a light blue shirt, an arm sleeve with skulls, black and purple leggings, and blue Sketcher shoes.

Fortunately, just two hours after the initial report, the Freeport Police Department provided an update stating that Lilyana had been found. The details of her safe recovery were not disclosed, but the important thing is that she was located and is now safe.

It’s always heartening to see how the efforts of law enforcement and the community can come together to ensure the well-being of individuals, especially children.

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