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“There But For the Grace of God Go I”

 John Bradford
Sign John Bradford And Edward Barlow At Manchester Cathedral At Manchester England 2019. File photo: Dutchmen Photography, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – That phrase attributed to the English reformer, John Bradford in the year 1553, when translated meant – if things were different, I might be in as bad a situation as that other person – he was referring to him seeing criminals who were being led to their execution, that it could be him instead.  Couldn’t that phrase be used today upon witnessing the obvious attempt by Donald Trump’s political enemies to “kill” his chances to become the Republican nominee and possible president in the 2024 election?

It is quite obvious, to a discerning person, that the Democrat Party and main stream media, in their professed hatred for former President Donald Trump, is using any means, both legal and illegal, to try to thwart his attempt to be elected to the presidency in 2024.

This vendetta against Trump began when he came down that escalator at Trump Tower in 2015, to announce that he was running for president in 2016.  It has been non-stop harassment against him by his political enemies ever since, up until this present day. Even before the election of 2016, his political opponents (the Democrats) were even talking about impeaching him, and after his improbable victory, quite a few Democrats boycotted his inauguration, claiming he was an illegitimate president. (Isn’t it ironic that the Democrats now decry what some of the Republicans have said after the 2020 election?) 

From the beginning of his presidency, he was charged with bogus, unverifiable charges of colluding with the Russians, which took over two years and $40 million to be shown by the Mueller Independent Counsel, as being nothing more than a hoax, financed, not by Trump, but by his opponent Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.  Not to be deterred by that phony charge, the Democrats attempted twice to impeach him with more frivolous charges, which also resulted in his exoneration.  Now, even after Trump has been out of office over 2 years, the Democrats, by using the agencies of government, are now attempting to criminalize him by bringing lawsuit after lawsuit against him, by using the weaponized, supposedly neutral, Justice Department and FBI, and even some sympathetic state attorneys, to continue the harassment of Donald Trump. His enemies do not want to give up their desire to see Donald Trump in chains and to be in jail.

Never in our long history have we ever witnessed one party, of our two-party system, trying to get rid of the other party by using tactics that the countries that we call “banana republics”, have been using for years to maintain power by getting rid of their political opponents (ex.  Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua etc.).  Outright misstatements of facts, made up stories, and accusations of non-existent crimes, have been thrown about willy-nilly, by the Democrats in their attempt to get and remain in power, come hell or high water.

Besides the Democrats, the bureaucratic, unelected “Deep State”, has turned our system of justice on its head with its partisan decrees favoring one political party, the Democrat Party,  over the other party, the Republican Party.  That’s the reason why the Democrats and the media are trying to emasculate Donald Trump as a viable political opponent. He is the enemy of the “Deep State” and they fear that he will clean house if he is elected as president again.  Over the past decade, it seems the only people in government who have been charged with crimes, who have had their homes raided, and their personal lives turned upside down, have been Republicans, conservatives, and people who sympathize with them.  If you don’t agree with their policy positions, it’s “their way or the highway”, so to speak. It has even reached all the way to the third branch of government, the Supreme Court.  The Democrats did not like some of the decisions that the court came down with and have threatened to pack the court with justices that agree with them, and even have used the steps of the Capitol to harangue certain justices, like then Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has done a couple of years ago. They seem to want throw our revered Constitution onto the scrap heap of history.  We must not let that happen.

So, in conclusion, from what I related above, if we do not “right our ship”, we too could face the John Bradford admonition of “There but for the Grace of God Go I”, which could become the rule and not the exception, and the demise of our great country will then come about.  We can’t let that happen and we should follow what our once great patriot, Benjamin Franklin, once said, “We have given you a republic, I hope you can keep it”.

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