OPINION: Who Are The Real Racists?

It was the Democrat Party who championed slavery before the Civil War, who voted to secede from the Union, who promoted segregation that lasted until the middle of the 1960's, And the Party who have championed the economic theory of

Op-Ed: Is This the Age of Pretend?

DELRAY BEACH, FL - There are certain absolutes in our lives like what is up is up and what is down is down, but not in today's crazy environment of “pretend”. We are told to pretend, by the lefty loons, that boys can be girls and girls

Op-Ed: Trump Was Right

During his four years as president, Trump was demonized on a daily basis, whether what he did or didn't do was good for the country. File photo: Evan El-Amin, Shutterstock.com, licensed. DELRAY BEACH, FL - If you listened to the

Op-Ed: It’s Never Good Enough

Across the country, far-left Marxist socialists are spreading hate by pitting one group against another, thus causing chaos which they then blame on others. File photo: Sheila Fitzgerald, Shutterstock.com, licensed. DELRAY BEACH, FL -

Op-Ed: Are We Heading for a Race War?

Racial arsonists have encouraged others to use incidents of police killings involving minorities as a justification to riot, burn, and pillage as they proclaim to protest “racial injustice”. DELRAY BEACH, FL - No, I'm not trying to be

Op-Ed: Have You Had Enough Yet?

President Joe Biden swears at the Inauguration ceremony next to first lady, Jill Biden. U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. , Jan. 20, 2021. Editorial credit: mccv / Shutterstock.com, licensed. DELRAY BEACH, FL - It's been over a month since