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Op-Ed: Democrats – You’re Never Too Old to Learn Something Stupid

Democratic leaders
Democrat run cities is out of control;  and it seems the climate change fanatics have taken over our government. File photo: Michael Candelori, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Look at the state of our country now after a little over two years since Joe Biden was inaugurated. We have an annual inflation rate around 6%; we have to import some of our energy needs when under Trump we were an exporter of energy; some of our foreign friends are abandoning us to become “palsy” with both China and Russia; our open border policy has let in 5 million illegals and a steady flow of tons of deadly drugs; the crime situation in many of our Democrat run cities is out of control;  and it seems the climate change fanatics have taken over our government. As a sane person, would you let those “stupid” things happen without at least trying to correct the situation? How many more “stupid” policies will we encounter in the future under a Democrat, Biden Administration?

The Democrats seem to be carrying this “stupidity” thing to a level that has not been seen before. Their “stupid” policies seem to focus on three things, gender, race, and climate change. It’s almost like a religion to them.  By focusing on those three terms they think they can appeal to a goodly number of voters in order to win elections to get and maintain political power.

Let’s examine some of the “stupid” policies put forth by Biden and the Democrats. It seems they won’t be satisfied until they can control everything in our lives, whether we, as a people, favor them or not.  It seems “deja vu” all over again.

Biden and the Democrats want to do away with most fossil fuels by the year 2035 and replace them with unreliable “Green Energy”. How “stupid” is that? Does he and the Democrats want us to become a third world country? By using climate change as their main talking point, the Democrats want everyone to drive electric cars and trucks regardless whether the populace wants them or not, they want to do away with gas stoves, air conditioning units and anything else that uses fossil fuels for power generation. Can’t you visualize most of our enemies laughing at our “stupidity”?

Fossil fuels usage has been the most economic change for the good for the countries around the world over the last century, and up till today. Without fossil fuels, the poor of the world would be worse off and would become even more poor than they are now, and the better off western countries will become less prosperous as a result of this “stupid” climate change mindset.

Another “stupid” policy by the Biden Administration is the letting of  hordes of illegal migrants and illegal drugs into our country with their “stupid” open border policy. Over 5 million people from over 150 different countries have crossed our wide open border along with tons of deadly drugs, thus causing havoc along the border cities, but also around the country as the “stupid” government has resettled the migrants in states and cities with perks that even our own citizens don’t receive.

Let’s hope that we can survive the “stupid” policies of Biden and the Democrats until the next election in 2024, when we’ll have the opportunity to throw the “stupid” rascals out and replace them with common sense people and policies that will “Make America be Great Again”.

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