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Op-Ed: U.S. Mayors Team Up With Anti-Defamation League To Assault Free Speech – See Florida Mayors On Unpatriotic List

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The First Amendment guarantees citizens the right to speak freely about their views, regardless if some consider them impolite, offensive, or unpopular speech. File photo: Monticello, Shutter Stock, licensed.

TALLAHASSEE, FL – The Gateway Pundit recently exposed 325 woke U.S. mayors working to destroy freedom of speech in our great land of liberty. “The nation’s mayors’ incompetent leadership has led to crumbling infrastructure, sanctuary for illegal aliens and homelessness, a catastrophic drug epidemic, and hyperkinetic crime,” proclaims Bob Bishop’s commentary. 


This month the United States Mayor Conference published the “Mayors’ Compact to Combat Hate, Extremism and Bigotry” (linked HERE) in collaboration with the ultra-left-leaning Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Over three hundred and twenty-five mayors signed the pledge. The Compact has ten components that use the East German Stasi psychological policing to suppress free speech and label users exercising their First Amendment rights as haters and dissidents. Government censorship is used to cover up reality. 

The duplicitous Mayors’ pledge “principles of liberty and justice for all” will destroy the First Amendment. They plan on developing brainwashing programs with the ADL, including with public schools. Mayors will encourage residents to report hate crimes using hotlines and online tools. Hate crime data is to be collected and reported to the FBI. The ultimate goal is investigating and prosecuting thought crimes, including social media posts. This strategy is directly from China’s Cultural Revolution Red Book. 

The First Amendment guarantees citizens the right to speak freely about their views, regardless if some consider them impolite, offensive, or unpopular speech. Therefore, mayors should promote and protect free speech, not destroy it. Instead, if they accuse you of a ‘thought crime,’ they will strip you of your Bill of Rights. Predictably, City Councils will be passing punitive thought crime laws that financially destroy the accused and take years, if not decades, to overturn in the court system.  

Read the long list of Benedict Arnolds (aka US mayors) HERE. 

Florida mayors include: 

  • Jeffrey Freimark Mayor of Bal Harbour Village 
  • Judith ‘Judy’ Paul Mayor of Davie  
  • Dean J. Trantalis Mayor of Fort Lauderdale 
  • Joy Cooper Mayor of Hallandale Beach 
  • Josh Levy Mayor of Hollywood 
  • Ken Thurston Mayor of Lauderhill 
  • Dan Gelber Mayor of Miami Beach 
  • Wayne M. Messam Mayor of Miramar 
  • Buddy Dyer Mayor of Orlando 
  • Geoffrey Jacobs Mayor of Pembroke Park 
  • Frank C. Ortis Mayor of Pembroke Pines 
  • Rex Hardin Mayor of Pompano Beach 
  • Michael J. Ryan Mayor of Sunrise 
  • Jane Castor Mayor of Tampa 
  • Keith A. James Mayor of West Palm Beach 

What can you do? Peacefully voice your opinion to the mayor of your city. Attend city council meetings to educate the public. Send the mayors a copy of my op-ed column. Vote them out of office. Converse on Twitter and your social media platforms. 


Citizens, unite and speak out for our US Republic, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. “We the People.” 

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