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Op-Ed: Jewish Dems, Dangerously Ignorant

Democrat Jews
Jewish Democrats are proud of their “social consciousness” and ignorant of the perilous direction their party is taking them. File photo: Johnny Silvercloud, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – This note is intended for reading by those willfully ignorant, dumb-assed Democrat Jews who continue to vote for and fiercely defend the unabashed Jew haters who run the Democrat Party. And many sitting in elected offices, local, state and federal, supporting the Left’s overt hatred for Jews….are Jews, themselves. Just a few, Nadler, Schiff, Debbie Schultz, Schumer, Moskowitz, Raskin, come immediately to mind. Sadly, there are a lot more. You would imagine that a people with such outstanding intellect, drive and success, would at least have the basic, natural instincts of an amoeba to fight for self preservation, to ward off and battle those who wish to exterminate them. No way. Jewish Democrats are proud of their “social consciousness” and ignorant of the perilous direction their party is taking them, as were the “HochJude,” the elite German Jews of 1932, who supported Hitler in his rise to exterminate them. Same scenario here. But worse because the memories of the Holocaust which ended only 78 years ago should still echo in their heads. It doesn’t…anymore.

Take Ilhan Omar, Minneapolis’ Democrat-Muslim-Jew hating Congresswoman who called out Jews as dual loyalty traitors to this country and of Jew-bribing legislators with their “Benjamins,” yet went on to win her elections with such “Jewish” groups as AIPAC, The Democratic Majority for Israel, and the Jewish Democratic Council of America, all sitting it out, silent, fearful of taking sides during the primaries and ultimate elections. Throw in other faux-Jewish groups such as, Hadassah and the National Council of Jewish Women, who looked the other way as Omar won her races. Here we had the equivalent of a Nazi-like candidate and Jewish groups, all Progressive, shutting their mouths. Ditto in the races of AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, where Jewish Democrat voters voted overwhelmingly for the Jew hating Squad. The Jewish Democrat voter and their useless groups failed the crucial test. Sadly true.

And let’s go back to 2012, when a young, vibrant, Jew-hating black ran for top office on the Democrat ticket. He got 75% of the Jewish vote. And he won again in 2016 although he had been an avid member of a Jew hating Church, run by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who spoke freely of his Jew hatred each week with, yes, Obama sitting in the first row, listening and apparently approving. After all, he remained a loyal member of that church for over 20 years; got married there and had Wright baptize his kids. And that same church, in 2006, when Obama was its most prominent member, gave Louis Farrakhan its Man of the Century Award. Not a peep from Barack. In fact, in 2005, Obama took a smiling, shoulder-to-shoulder buddy photo with Farrakhan during a Congressional Black Caucus Convention. Best friends. Look it up. So where did Obama stand in the eyes of the Jews he despised? They adored him.

Let’s face reality. Right down here where I live, in Boca Raton, Florida, the largest Reform Synagogue in the area, Temple Beth El, signed on to the full page NYT ad in support of Black Lives Matter. BLM supports Jews and Israel????? And two of the most prominent of this area’s rabbis are proud members of T’ruah, a fierce, “Jewish” group that stands should-to-shoulder ideologically with Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Look it up.


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So, where do we go from here? I suggest; drop the “acceptance” attitude. When one of these Jewish Lefties attacks any Republican, especially Trump, who stood tall for Israel when he got a mere 26% of their support, who moved our Embassy to Jerusalem without one Democrat attending the ceremony, let ’em have it by quoting facts. And don’t let up when the Lefty says, “Let’s drop politics!” Keep at it even if the other party runs away, leaving you with the check. You’ll feel good about yourself and you’ve lost nothing.

We have to educate ourselves to facts about the Dems’ overt hatred for Jews and Israel. Join the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) or CAMERA. Get their vital information. Drop the likes of Hadassah, ADL, American Jewish Committee and synagogues run by Leftist rabbis. all linked to anti-Israel causes. Did you know the ADL is now run by a Soros operative? Do any of them urge their black associates or local ministers to speak out against the rabid Jew hating of blacks against Jews? Including physical assaults? Have any Progressive Jews called out black Congressman Hank Johnson for calling us, “termites?” What do you do to termites? He meant it.

Become stronger when confronted by an ignorant Jewish Democrat. Know your stuff about the Jew hating history of the party. Learn of Trump’s support for Israel. Learn about the Democrats’ current and past history of intruding into Israel’s politics in order to weaken the Jewish State. Learn of Obama’s history of Israel hating as President and Biden’s hostility, going back to his run-in with Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin who told Joe where to go.

Stand up, speak up, make others wake up.

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