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Op-Ed: Why Should A Perpetrator of Crime be Considered a Victim When He/She is the Real Perpetrator?

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DELRAY BEACH, FL – You can adopt that position if you have a pre-conceived narrative that the perpetrator is of some part of a minority that believes that they are oppressed by others. The main stream media has alluded to this answer when describing the Nashville school shooter. Since the shooter (a/k/a murderer) considered herself a “transgender”, she must have been goaded into doing that horrendous act of killing innocent children and adults.

All commonsense goes out the window when an incident of depravity is committed by a person considered to be a minority (in this case a transgender). Since some of the general public thinks that people who have “gender dysphoria” are driven to act in a different manner than others who do not think they are a different sex, they must’ve been pushed to do this extreme act of violence by a cruelly religious and patriarchal world that put their lives in danger, and, as a result, forced them into doing a act of violent action.

Over the last few years, we have seen an inordinate amount of coverage of the people who are part of the “transgender world”. You’d think that our society is being inundated with an over abundant of people with “gender dysphoria”, when only 1/10 of one percent of people fall into this category. It seems that most people who are considered “radical liberals” are the one’s who are pushing this ideology onto the general public.

During recent times, we have seen an uptick in minor children being the subject of “gender affirming” medical procedures, sometime without parental consent. There have been reports that some schools are advising minors, who question their male/female persona, are encouraged to carry out their thoughts without their parents knowing about their inclinations. As a result, many states are passing laws preventing doctors from prescribing gender altering drugs and performing gender altering surgeries on minors. In Florida, doctors could lose their medical licenses if they order puberty blocking hormone therapy, and surgeries for minors diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

For someone who questions these procedures, that person will be subject to verbal and written attacks and personal vilification by those champions of using those body altering procedures. Many members of the “gay community” have organized to oppose the implementation of these laws that are directed at depriving minors of these body altering procedures.

States do have the authority to regulate the various activities pertaining to minors. The state can regulate when a minor can get a license to drive a car, when a minor can legally marry, when a minor can buy a gun, when a minor can smoke tobacco and drink alcohol, and other activities. So when a life “body altering” procedure is contemplated on a minor, the state can step in to regulate it until that person is considered to be an adult, and who then can then make a personal decision.

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