Op-Ed: Almighty God versus Satan – The Tempest Awaits

A home in a small rural countryside city of West Virginia with an election flag for President Trump. October 6, 2020. Editorial credit: Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.com, license.
A home in a small rural countryside city of West Virginia with an election flag for President Trump. October 6, 2020. Editorial credit: Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.com, license.

GREEN BAY, WI – How much longer will we have to wait for justice to be served in America? That, of course, is the million dollar question on the minds of all Believers in Christ—Believers that Jesus Christ was the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again.

We have main stream media continuing to fawn over Joe Biden, and also persisting in ignoring the fact that President Trump has won two-thirds of the election fraud cases that have been adjudicated by the courts. But meantime, those of us who yearn for truth to be revealed remain ‘champing at the bit,’ no doubt about it.

Nevertheless, let’s step back and take a look at where things currently stand on this election faceoff. Since the media refuse to report the facts, we are left to use our God-given Spirit to discern right from wrong—thankfully, however, the Holy Spirit within Believers never misleads.

And one of those distinctions is easily made when we see the befuddled Biden signing an exponential and record number of Executive Orders his first week in office. This from a man who vehemently decried the relatively small amount that Trump put forth in the beginning of his tenure.


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We innately realize that there is no way that the United States Military, the real power behind America, would hand over the nuclear codes to this senile, earpiece-sporting specimen of the progressive hard left.

And then there are all of the top elite businesspeople whom we see suddenly resigning or stepping down. What gives? All of these CEO’s of top organizations, why would they be resigning if they remain in control of everything?

We have Jeff Zucker of CNN, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Thomas Donohue of the Chamber of Commerce, Katherine Maher of Wikipedia, and Kenneth Frazier of the pharmaceutical giant Merck—just for starters. Not to mention all of the child trafficking/pedophile ring busts in recent weeks, which began under Trump’s administration—a major effort by our President, as he could not bear to see this heinous evil toward our little ones continue.

It’s also very interesting to watch for people and things that we are no longer seeing. For example, anyone notice the absence of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Michelle and Barack Obama, and Adam Schiff these days? Or how about the fact that we are not observing any bluster or even the urge to fight back from Trump? When using your discernment, always pay attention to what suddenly has disappeared, as well.

And on another note, did you all watch the bombers flying over at the Super Bowl when it was broadcast? Just as Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan got finished with the Star Spangled Banner, three of the Air Force’s front-line bombers—including a B-52 Stratofortress, a B1-B Lancer, and the B-1 Spirit ‘Stealth’ bomber—cruised over Raymond James Stadium in order to help kick off the big game. The tri-bomber flyover, which was the first of its kind, replaced the traditional fighter jet flyover that we typically see at sporting events.

Indeed, these large planes lumbered through the air at about 1,000 feet, with a roar that was audaciously audible for miles around the stadium.  And so we see that the B1 Spirit Stealth bomber now is out in the open, what many believe to be a covert and intended sign that Trump’s plan for freedom similarly will be out in the open soon, and no longer stealth—but visible to the American people. Speculation, yes, absent the corrupt main stream media’s honest reporting of events—but very researched and credible conjecture, to be sure.

We also see, on yet another front, that the far-left Progressive Democrats have admitted on record that they knowingly rigged the election. We observed this in a very recent Time Magazine article by Molly Ball entitled The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.”  Yes, the evil ones have succumbed to arrogance once again, and now brazenly and openly admit their immoral plan, as they are no doubt thinking that it is too late for truth-givers to do anything about it. But they reveal these secrets to their own peril!

It seems that these far-left zealots are saying in this article that they ‘fortified’ the election, but of course we know that they really rigged the election. Still, by their act of opening the front door to discussion of the election fraud during the impeachment process, they truly took a big step backward in their malevolent strategy—since credible reports verify that the Space Force, Trump’s recent invention to combat the Deep State, actually captured the real votes in real-time. Too bad, so sad…

Yes, when the world saw several strategic swing states pause the vote tally on election night—this in order to count the real votes so that they could find out how many votes they needed to win—we all saw their plan right out in the open. And now the battlefield is shaping up, and viable reports indicate that Trump is at this moment ready to strike!

Again, this is speculation, but we who have been connecting the dots remember that in his book ‘Art of the Deal,’ Trump wrote on how he especially hates it when people steal from him—and how he always gets back at these evil reprobates, and ten times harder. This revelation is interesting, to say the least, considering the fact that Trump believes, as do many who have put two-and-two together, that the recent election definitely was stolen.

Now in going back a few years, reliable reports are that when Trump came into office in early 2017, he made it very clear that he wanted to clean up the corrupt Central Banking System, otherwise known as the Federal Reserve System, and also all of the worldwide human and child trafficking.  These reports also state that Trump was told that if he did so at that time, he would lose most of the Congress, in terms of those who are corrupt—those who either have committed crimes, or who are bought and paid for. Just let that settle in….

Thus, he set to work with an alternative plan, one that was backed by 200 loyal general and patriots… one that would expose the global Deep State and the main stream media for the corrupt and vile miscreants that they are… and one that would utilize a step-by-step, well-devised strategy to best these evil creatures at their own wickedness!

This wickedness includes a global elite system of about 3,000 individuals who run the world, and it involves child and human trafficking via underground tunnels, pedophilia, and Satanic worship and rituals—and all of this on a massive scale.

It also consists of any means necessary for this Cabal to achieve a global economic reset in the world, whereby everyone is under a Central Banking System that is based upon a few rich elites to whom we all would pay interest for loaned dollars—with no ability ever to pay off the principal!  Politically, all nations would operate under a communist-type central government, similar in scope to the present Chinese Communist Party.

Sound like fun to you?

Not to worry, however, as it isn’t something that Donald J. Trump is willing to allow. And this is what he’s been fighting for on behalf of ‘We the People’ these past four years. And this is what he continues to battle, as we see so many child trafficking ports being exposed, and as we see so many corporate moguls simultaneously stepping down—in addition to so many world leaders suddenly giving up their positions of power ‘to spend more time with family or to pursue philanthropic causes.’  Ya’, right…

Interestingly, President Trump recently tweeted—on an account that will of course be suspended right before Trump gleefully opens yet another—the following menacing words of foreboding: “The Storm is Coming, and there is nothing that the left can do to stop it!” These ominous words were written as a caption that was placed upon a picture of Trump, and he was flanked by a Military Commander on each side.

Truly, Almighty God has placed Trump in the Office of President at this time to work His Glorious and Magnificent Will! He was created for a time such as this!

Yes, my fellow Believers in Christ… in all reality, the hour is so very late… as we anxiously see that the stage already is set, the players are in place, and the ‘Tempest of God’s Justice’ awaits impatiently to be unleashed. But it will burst forth only on Trump’s and the Patriot’s timetable… no doubt very soon, but exactly on schedule, my friends…

Wait for it….

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