The internet is buzzing with excitement over a TikTok video that went viral featuring a woman ordering a Pickle Dr. Pepper at the Sonic drive-thru.

@mississippimemaw posted a video of herself ordering a large Dr. Pepper with pickles. Surprisingly, the employee didn’t hesitate and even mentioned that the receipt would say “cherries” despite the drink having pickles in it. A Pickle Dr. Pepper is essentially a chilled Dr. Pepper with sliced dill pickles added to it. While Sonic offers a wide range of drink combinations, this particular one isn’t on the menu. Tommy suggests asking for it by the name “Dr. Pepper Pucker!”

Braden expresses his excitement, saying, “I’ve found my people.”

Kelsey shares her experience, mentioning that when she tried to order it, she was told it wasn’t possible, so she ordered a large Dr. Pepper with pickles on the side and added them herself.

Leigh adds, “Pickles go well with any soda.”

Some fans mentioned knowing about a similar drink order but under a different name. In North Carolina, there’s a concoction called “the witch doctor,” which blends various sodas in a cup and tops it with pickles.

Numerous users on the platform have shared their experiences trying the Pickle Dr. Pepper. Even a Sonic employee tasted it, describing it as resembling a pickle margarita.

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