Family of Dead “Rust” Cinematographer Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Alec Baldwin: Star Refuses to Accept “Any Responsibility”

Alec Baldwin
On Tuesday, Halyna Hutchins’ family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baldwin and others saying the actor is refusing to accept any blame whatsoever further arguing that Baldwin and others were responsible for making sure the gun was safe to use and presented a video they say shows what happened when Hutchins was shot and killed. Baldwin has not been charged in connection with the case. File photo: Jeffrey Bruno, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SANTA FE, NM – Alec Baldwin is currently the subject of a civil lawsuit in connection with the 2021 shooting death of a cinematographer on the set of a film he was directing and starring in, and according to the attorney representing the family of the victim, the beleaguered Hollywood actor is in “complete denial” and refuses to accept “any responsibility” for the tragic incident.

On October 21, 2021, Baldwin, 63, was filming on the set of the western film Rust at the Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, when he discharged a gun being used as a prop, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, and injuring director Joel Souza, 48.

Baldwin maintains that he is innocent and claims that he never even pulled the trigger on the weapon. In a statement, his lawyers have denied accusations that the actor was “reckless” on the film set.

On Tuesday, Hutchins’ family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baldwin and others, and according to Brian Panish, the family’s attorney, the 30 Rock actor is refusing to accept any blame whatsoever for the cinematographer’s death.

“He’s not accepting any responsibility. He is continuing to do what he’s done throughout this…blaming others,” Panish said.

The attorney also claimed that Baldwin had refused to partake in any gun safety training whatsoever while on the Rust set, and alleged that may have been what contributed to the incident taking place.

“Number two, he pointed a gun at someone on a set. You don’t do that without plexiglass and other precautions. Number three, why were there bullets in the gun to begin with, whether they were fake or real? It was only a lineup,” Panish said. “There was no intention for him to shoot the weapon. He wasn’t supposed to shoot the weapon. Nobody expected him to do that, yet he recklessly fired the weapon while pointing it at three people, killed one and injured another.”

Hutchins’ family – she leaves behind a husband and one child – is suing for punitive damages, funeral and burial expenses, among other things to be determined at a trial.

Police say that the criminal investigation into the shooting is still ongoing, with the most recent development being the confiscation of Baldwin’s cell phone by authorities, which the actor refused to do without being served a warrant.

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