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The Treatment of Hunter Biden Is a Sad Joke, On Us

Hunter Biden
We get more corroborated evidence each passing day that this Biden baby, Hunter, is under some version of the Witness Protection Program. File photo: Domenico Fornas, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – By the time you get to read this article, Hunter Biden might already be our nation’s delegate to the United Nations. That’s how bad the corruption is under the current administration. The saddest thing is that every single American citizen, no matter what party affiliation, knows about it. But some choose to hide from reality and still back the biggest crime family in our nation’s history. Go figure!

We get more corroborated evidence each passing day that this Biden baby is under some version of the Witness Protection Program. He’s leading a criminal’s dream; a sort of charmed life. Immune from prosecution because of his name. The FBI and Justice Department, now without any doubt, part and parcel of and under the thumb of the Democrat Party, have had the infamous Hunter Biden laptop for nearly four years, containing information leading us to believe that he was the bag man for the family’s criminal enterprises that make the Mafia seem like mere pickpockets in the annals of crime.

He’s untouchable. He doesn’t even have to hide. And the Biden Mob let’s you know it. Right in your face. This past week, in a formal state dinner honoring the Prime Minister of India, Hunter appeared in a six grand tuxedo, waltzing around the other guests, smooching the women, glad handing the guys, including our disgraced Attorney General, Merrick Garland, who above all others, is aware of the crimes perpetrated by the President’s son, but who, under orders from his boss, let the kid walk free with a slap on the wrist verdict for the nation and world to see…and speculate on. Talk about White Privilege and a two tiered justice system for those in power.

How does this look to the black community whose young men are incarcerated for much less than the illegal actions of Hunter? Thousands of men and women of color are behind bars for actions that appear to be far below the levels of Hunter’s drug dealing and the falsification of his weapon’s permit information. He lied, lying about his addiction to crack. Many other top personalities were dragged out of the courtroom, shackled and jailed found guilty of income tax evasion, cheating the government out of far less than the many tens of millions that Hunter hid from the IRS. Yet, this agency was overruled by the Garland Justice Department and they let the kid slide off with a mere few thousand in penalties. No such special treatment for the likes of Daryll Strawberry, Leona Helmsley, Wesley Snipes, Pete Rose and Sophia Loren. They all wore stripes for their crimes. Not Hunter. He’s something special. Above all, to the Family Crime group.

Were seeing his overt, open, shameless display of favoritism, of protection for the special, sainted scion of the President. But what does this say to the rest of us who obey the laws and do the right thing? Do we lose our faith in the system which we were raised to respect and look up to? Does this encourage others, already on the brink of lawlessness, to take the next step up the ladder to criminality and thumb their noses at the rules of law because of this violation of the oft used phrase, “Rule of Law”? What fuel to the army of defense attorney’s did Merrick Garland give them in all future and appeals for prior convictions, that will be forthcoming?

I’m concerned that the bungled handling Hunter Biden case(s), by the overtly corrupt federal agencies will lead to the breakdown of his Dad’s administration and the elected Democrat Party, who rushed to support the ignoring of law in this situation. How much longer can Joe Biden speak to the black community swearing that they will be treated fairly in the courts? Will he promise them that their kids can break the laws and be treated just as Hunter was by the Feds? Can tax lawyers depend on the IRS to merely slap the wrists of their clients for the abuse of the tax laws, as was done in the case of Hunter? Will the FBI and Justice Department, in the future, sit on incriminating documents for years, as they did in the Hunter case, letting us “lesser-thans” off the hook as well? Who knows? But at this time, the Biden Crime Family should be the basis for a slam-bang movie. If anyone has the guts to do it. And books should be written to give future generations a peek at what destroyed the criminal justice system of this once great nation. And their pages should, in time, will sure.y be tear soaked.

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