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Florida Judge, Another Clinton Minion, Strikes Down Law That Protects Children From Drag Queen Sexualization

Hamburger Mary in Jacksonville
A store sign for the family restaurant known as Hamburger Mary’s Bar and Grille, a small franchise with roughly 13 locations, 4 of which are in Florida. File photo: The Image Party, Shutter Stock, licensed.

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Operators of Orlando restaurant Hamburger Mary’s Hamburger Mary’s filed a legal challenge after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law protecting children from attending “adult live performances” where biological males in wigs, thick makeup, high-heels (aka drag queens) twerk and jerk while wearing thongs and pasties – lewd, crude, and rude.  

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Deviants protect other deviants – not children. That’s the unspoken requirement of perversion.  

Enter a judge (aka minion) appointed by Slick Willy (aka Bill Clinton).  

U.S. District Judge Gregory Presnell’s ruling recent ruling rejected a state motion to dismiss the case and granted the restaurant operators’ request for a preliminary injunction to block regulators from enforcing the law, which was championed by DeSantis and Republican legislative allies. 

Last week a federal judge nominated to the District Court by former President Bill Clinton blocked the state of Florida from implementing HB 1438, which prohibited an establishment from knowingly admitting minors to “adult live performances, including drag performances,” reported The Daily Wire.  

Enter a woke attorney that cares not if grown men allow children to stuff dollar bills down the front of their thongs or stare at mammoth prosthetic breasts with mile-long fake cleavage. 

“We are extremely pleased with this first win,” Melissa Stewart, a Memphis, Tenn.-based lawyer who represents the restaurant, said in a statement. “This law is unconstitutionally vague, over-broad, and clearly targeted at drag performers. This preliminary injunction will protect the First Amendment rights of not only our clients, but of the LGBTQIA community across Florida while we move forward with the next steps in this litigation.” 

What can you do? 

Speak out for children and contact Presnell. Peacefully share your concerns. 

Gregory Presnell, Senior District Judge  

Division: Orlando 

Chambers Phone: (407) 835-4301 

Chambers Email: [email protected] 

Hamburger Mary’s has several locations across the country, including four in Florida, but the only location involved in the suit is the one in Orlando. Opened in 2008, the bar and restaurant is owned by Paonessa and Mike Rogier. Read more HERE.  

Mary, the large statue shows colossal breasts and cleavage as well. Hmmm. What is it about drag queens that love to flaunt fake breasts? Maybe a fetish.  

By the way, visit Orlando Hamburger Mary’s website to see a drag queen with dollar bills stuffed between his fake cleavage.  

My questions: Are children allowed to participate by stuffing money between phony breasts? What kind of parent takes a child to adult entertainment venues to watch bio men act like buffoons? Does Judge Presnell take his minor kids or grandkids to drag shows? 

The moral of the story is worth repeating: Deviants protect other deviants – not children. 

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