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Gross, Hairy, Male Pervert at LGBTQ Pride Parade Sexually Gyrates In Front Of Kids – Conservative People Outraged

A video of a man twerking in front of a group of children at the family-friendly Minneapolis Pride has become viral on social media.
A video of a man twerking in front of a group of children at the family-friendly Minneapolis Pride has become viral on social media. Image: Libs of TikTok. 

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – An old, hairy, gross guy with an oversized belly wearing underwear with legs wide open as he sexually gyrates his genitalia and bum at Pride Parade while children watch. Oh, he’s so proud of his pathetic package. I’m surprised this disgusting geezer didn’t pop his back out of whack during the hip thrusts. 

Warning: You cannot unsee the perversion of the deviant male on the following video clip at Libs of TikTok. Grab a bag to barf in. 

“A video of a man twerking in front of a group of children at the family-friendly Minneapolis Pride has become viral on social media. It has set off a backlash from conservative commentators and sparked a debate over what’s appropriate and what’s not during an event that’s meant to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community,” reports an article in Newsweek. 

A clip from Sunday’s Minneapolis Pride parade shows a man wearing a white pair of underwear, boots, white socks, and a rainbow band around his tights. He can be seen twerking in front of the cheering crowd several times during the parade, the article continues. 

Ben Askren, former UFC welterweight contender, responded: “I don’t care if you are gay, straight or think you’re an effing cat, doing things like this in front of children is soooo gross. Where are the morals and decency??? These people are sick.” 

“The event also featured strippers and drag queens from two gay bars who performed for the kid-filled crowd,” oozed an article for gay news source Alpha News.  

Well, isn’t Alpha News so proud of the radical LGBTQ deviants grooming and sexualizing children at public events. 

It gets worse… 

Per the Washington Examiner:  

Seattle‘s pride parade on Sunday continues to trend across social media as conservatives bash a myriad of actions that took place, including men going full-frontal in front of young children.  

At one point during the parade, a group of completely nude men road up to spectators, including children, on bicycles. Footage posted to social media showed the men completely naked, waving to and communicating with the young onlookers. View on Twitter. (Bare butts covered with stars.) 

Another Twitter post from the parade showed an old naked man with his genital hanging freely. (Penis and scrotum blocked out.) 

In a clip that has gone viral on Twitter, marchers at the New York City Drag March chanted, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.”  

Men wearing nothing but Speedos twerked and danced on a parade float sponsored by the Chinese Rainbow Network, an organization that claims to be the “largest Mandarin speaking LGBTQ+ network in North America.”  

Neighboring Canada joined in with adult male nudity at a Pride parade: 

Related: Bud Light served as official sponsor at Toronto Pride parade – where wild footage shows naked men marching and dancing in front of children and families along parade route  

How interesting that grown women aren’t flashing their naked private parts while twerking at public LGBTQ events in front of children. Do the gay male perverts need banned, arrested, or both? 

It’s time for responsible citizens to take back public streets and protect children. 

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