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Face It: Our Nation is Doomed

patriotic American
Face it……Our Nation is Doomed – File photo: Flysnowfly, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – I am writing this, as a fervent, patriotic American war veteran on the Monday preceding the indictment of former President Trump by the Biden Administration, and as a former Jewish-Umbilical-Cord-Democrat. My reason for leaving the party, if you are interested, was the 1993 Oslo Accords, promulgated by, orchestrated and staged by President Clinton (D). This death knell for Israel also catapulted PLO Chair, Jew killing terrorist, Yasser Arafat, to being a celebrated world figure who was rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for being part of the “Oslo Gang.” The following 30 years saw the Democrat Party totally abandon Israel, led by the likes of former President Obama,  Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Soros, AOC, Bernie Sanders and other rabid America and Jew haters who have taken over their party’s policy command. Unembarrassed, they are punching holes in the Jewish ship of state….intentionally…… to its doom. 

Now, under the one-two punch duo of Obama and Biden, they have also successfully brought our own country to the precipice of becoming another Cuba and Venezuela. Freedom of speech is now but a memory. Try to get a visiting conservative to complete a lecture at any university. Try to locate a media source that does not owe allegiance to the Democrat Party. If you want to jeopardize your vehicle, place a Trump sticker on the window or trunk. I’m a long time resident of The Bronx. Try to put out the garbage at night without risking your life from thugs. Take the subway at your own risk with hordes of released recidivists on the prowl to disable you for life. Or let your kids attend the local public school where learning is secondary to white bashing and the heralding of transgender or other radical “educational” crap. The teaching of ABC’s have given way to the indoctrination of LGBTXYZ nonsense.

And getting back to the Trump ordeal. Here was the greatest White House friend of liberty and Israel in our nation’s history. Here’s a guy who made every world totalitarian leader quake in his boots. He took no crap from anyone, doing his best to safeguard your and my safety. Throw in our families for good measure. He created jobs, brought back manufacturing to this country from China and closed the wide open borders that Obama had created. He fought back to quell the Chinese Wuhan virus that his successor eventually screwed up, to kill hundreds of thousands of our citizens. Trump, crippled by Soros funded DA’s, tried to focus on safeguarding our nation and tried to keep our debt as low as possible, even incurring the hatred of those in his own party who stabbed him in the back. Now, after four years of being illegally prosecuted, persecuted, harassed and constantly kept on the defensive, he is facing time for a “crime” described by Alan Dershowitz as the equivalent of having overdue library books. Trump cared and now he’s facing a lifetime in jail. a cruel payback of “thanks” by our nation.

This dictatorial, Banana Republic-like behavior by the Progressive, Liberal, Radical, Marxist oriented (and led) Democrat Party has led to the soon, sure to come destruction of our once great Democratic, Constitutional Republic. The future for our land is bleak. School children, from kindergarten through graduate school, are tutored by educators, intent on and trained in instilling hatred for this country, its history and its laws. Marxism rules throughout the big cities where crime is growing in intensity and is destructive to growth. Illegals are welcomed into this country to overflow, overrun and bankrupt the cities they are dumped into. The criminal prosecution and persecution of Trump is the final straw that will break the back of nearly 250 years of the greatest nation the world has ever enjoyed. A sad farewell to all of that glory is on the backs of the Democrat Party, its leaders and the morons whose votes put and kept them in power. Shiva will be held…

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