Pediatric Oncology Support Team Raises Over $290k While Celebrating 25 Years Helping Local Children Battling Cancer

Pediatric Oncology Support Team
Renee Schultz, Kayleigh Mann, Gale Parsons, Lori McAlear, Vic Koziura, Sophie Healey, Part of Committee – Valerie Riceputo (Back row), Carol Kmec, Sue Poore, Laurie Elliott, Meghan Papiano (front row). Image courtesy Elizabeth Dashiell.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL – Local families battling childhood cancer have not had to walk through cancer alone thanks to a one-of-a-kind foundation, Pediatric Oncology Support Team (POST). More than 2,200 children and their families have benefitted from POST’s support over the past 25 years, and those milestones were celebrated on May 10 during the 2023 Annual Gold Ribbon Heroes Luncheon where the non-profit raised over $290,000 towards their mission of providing compassionate, emotional and financial support to help local families courageously fight childhood cancer. 

Featuring a “Royal Jubilee”- themed luncheon, which included a raffle, call to heart and silent auction, the annual event welcomed more than 200 supporters to the elegant Frenchman’s Reserve Country Club. At the door, attendees were greeted by palace guards before being ushered into the London-inspired gala, complete with Beatles-era live music.

POST Survivor Hero  - Ashley Tiberio, and dad Ralph Tiberio
POST Survivor Hero – Ashley Tiberio, and dad Ralph Tiberio. Image courtesy Elizabeth Dashiell.

Once seated for lunch, supporters were greeted by event chair Lori McAlear and POST Board Chair Penny Payne who introduced guest emcee, Shannon Cake. Cake revealed her personal experience with POST before introducing POST President and CEO, Dr. Barbara Abernathy. After Dr. Abernathy shared the many successes and challenges of families who struggle with the last news any parent wants to hear, Cake introduced the event’s honored guest, Elijah Holland, and his dad, Jay Holland.

First diagnosed with cancer at age 5, Holland battled cancer for years until going into remission.  Unfortunately, his family faced the devastating news in 2021 that the cancer had returned in full force. During that time, POST was there to help with the family’s bills and lend support while the parents took Holland to his treatments. Holland is now cancer-free and took to the stage during the luncheon to share his story.

Event Chair Lori and Tim McAlear.
Event Chair Lori and Tim McAlear. Image courtesy Elizabeth Dashiell.

Following a touching Call to the Heart auction led by Jay Zeager, the luncheon concluded with a special presentation from Brandon Phillips and Polo for Life of a $130,000 donation.

“Thanks to all of the support from the luncheon, I am thrilled to say we have raised a record-breaking amount for our mission,” said POST President and CEO, Dr. Barbara Abernathy. “Whether it’s helping parents navigate through the medical process involved in cancer treatment; gas cards for them to take their child for treatments; helping them with household bills, or just having a compassionate shoulder to lean upon – Pediatric Oncology Support Team is with them through every step of their journey, and we couldn’t do it without the community’s support.”

Committee members of this year’s luncheon included Event Chair Lori McAlear and Men’s Gold Ribbon Ambassador Vic Koziura.

Dr. Narayana Gowda, Jay, Micah, Emily and Elijah Holland
Dr. Narayana Gowda, Jay, Micah, Emily and Elijah Holland. Image courtesy Elizabeth Dashiell.

Pediatric Oncology Support Team (POST) makes sure no family walks their child’s journey with cancer alone by providing local children and their families the compassionate emotional and financial support they need.

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