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Op-Ed: White Sacrifices to the Gods of BLM Theology

Daniel Penny Fundraiser
Daniel Penny is, a twenty-four-year-old college student and decorated Marine veteran, facing a criminal investigation stemming from him protecting individuals on a NYC subway train from an assailant who later died. Image credit: GiveSendGo – Daniel Penny’s Legal Defense Fund

BOCA RATON, FL – If you thought that human sacrifice was a thing of the dark continent’s past, forget it. It’s currently in practice throughout the woke, anti-white, Soros-Law enforcement-dominated cities right here in America. His crew of Progressive, Social Justice warrior DA’s, have dusted off those huge, boiling water filled cauldrons, positioned them above roaring wood fed flames and dumped sacrificial whites into them as offerings to the new gods of the, “black is dominant,” BLM movement. The word is out to whites; they must understand that criminally motivated blacks are now a protected species and must be permitted to go their ways, unobstructed when in the process of looting, resisting arrest or otherwise engaged in threatening the lives and safety of others.

No matter what the lengthy criminal records of these lawbreakers are, they must not be threatened with physical restraint. Any action directed toward them such as hands on suppression in attempts to deter them while they’re breaking the law or in arresting them for prior felonies and causing them any physical harm, will probably result in the seemingly magical appearance of Rev. Al Sharpton and/or “go-to police brutality lawyer,” Benjamin Crump. They are shark-like; they smell the welcome fumes of jury dollar awards and the settlements offered by defendants who made the mistake of trying to clean up the streets of these vermin. A lesson sadly learned by many.

Recently, career criminal, Jordan Neely, was physically restrained by a white, former Marine and good Samaritan, Daniel Penny, while Neely was wildly menacing passengers in a NYC subway car. Unfortunately, Neely died while being held down and the city’s medical examiner determined that a homicide had been committed. At this time, no toxicology reports informing us of the drug contents of Neely’s blood have been released. His record of 41 arrests for the likes of punching out elderly women and other violence combined with lifelong drug use have been ignored by the Progressive media and of course, by the stalwart defender of black criminal defendants, Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg. One would think that Neely was murdered wile leaving his local public library. Rather, witnesses and videos prove that Neely was physically restrained after he wildly threatened passengers with threats to their lives. He told them he was going to do harm to them and they reacted as they should; they attempted to subdue, not harm him. His unfortunate death was a result of his outspoken determination to engage in violence against the passengers. This situation was a repeat of most other deaths of criminal blacks who met their unfortunate ends while acting erratically in a threatening manner. If NYC Mayor and the City Council had not seen to it to leave the NYPD budget flat for the year while suffering through a severe increase in violent crime, perhaps an on-train transit cop could have prevented this scene. That’s being ignored by all.

No matter what the outcome of this situation may be, even were Daniel Perry exonerated or most probably (under the domination of radical DA Bragg) facing time for his actions to protect his fellow citizens, the life of this ex-Marine and public hero, will never be the same. Without giving a thought to his own safety, he put his neck out to defend strangers from a black, drug dominated, career criminal and so he becomes the latest sacrificial white victim to the gods of the black supremacists who dominate our progressive big cities. Ever since the presidency of Obama, who was tutored well in the theology of Black Liberation by his mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, black career criminals have become hero-like legends to be elevated, emulated and honored. The likes of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and now Jordan Neely, will probably have statues erected and buildings named in their honor. Role models for the next black generation. It has come to this.

The lesson sadly learned if we see a crime being committed especially by a person of color, or have the opportunity to prevent it: “Stay out of it!” “Walk away!” “Don’t get involved!” The life you save may be your own.

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