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Is Joe Biden Doing an Imitation of the Dick Tracy Character Called Mumbles?

Dick Tracy character, Mumbles.
When clarity of thought is most important in carrying out the policies of our country, we can’t have a president who resembles the Dick Tracy character, Mumbles. File photo: Oscar Ivan Lopez, Shutter Stock, licensed. / Dick Tracy: Dustin Hoffman as Mumbles.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – It’s generally not an honorable thing to do to make light of a person’s physical or mental problems, but when we’re referring to the Commander in Chief of the United States, it is almost a necessity to point the problems out as to the ramifications it has for the country, in this case, the United States. President Biden, who is 80 years old, is showing real signs of dementia. Anyone with a careful eye can see that he is showing signs of that condition. His partisan backers are all trying hard to not address his problem by obfuscating and making excuses for his actions, but it is there for all to see.

His almost daily gaffes and slurring speech, his “dementia shuflle” as he walks, his penchant for telling made up stories trying to impress audiences, his total lack of concern that his policies have caused major hardships for the citizens of the United States, and his sometimes irascibility toward others, are all tell-tale signs that his elevator is not going up to the top floor. I take no pleasure to point this out (as I am around the same age as he), but he is in charge of our country so, in effect, he has the future of over 330 million people in his hands. The world is too volatile to have him in charge of our domestic and foreign policy. As the “Big Guy”, as he was referred to in his son’s “laptop from hell”, and besides his physical and mental problems, he seems to be compromised in his dealings with many countries around the world, some hostile to the United States like China and Russia. That is not a good situation for our country to be in.

Now that he has announced that he will run for reelection, the matter of his physical and mental competence must be addressed and evaluated. The stakes are too high to ignore this problem as we move forward.

When clarity of thought is most important in carrying out the policies of our country, we can’t have a president who resembles the Dick Tracy character, Mumbles. From not knowing where he is at times, by having to rely on “specially prepared comments” when addressing the public, by using 40% of his time “vacationing” in Delaware, we must address his obvious problems as concerned citizens.

He seems to living in a fantasy land, with his closest aides acting as his eyes and ears in addressing the matters that come before him as the president. It looks as if he is the puppet of the puppeteers behind the scenes at the White House. He constantly refers to what he can and cannot do, referring to his handlers. This is not a good thing for a sitting president to have to admit. After all, he is the president of the most powerful country in the free world.

As bad as Biden’s situation might be, the thought of him stepping down and elevating his Vice President, Kamala Harris, to the presidency, is equally alarming. Yet, the two of them are running for reelection. What a conundrum that is for our country?

We all hope the damage he has and can do to our country, with his pseudo Marxist/Socialist policies, will not be fatal to the future of our country. We can’t let this cognitively challenged president complete his destruction of our country. We must not let the Biden/Harris team be reelected in 2024. We have to bring competence and integrity back into the White House by not returning Biden/Harris to positions of power to continue their incompetence and the destruction of our democratic republic. We’ve had enough of our cartoonish character president that resembles the Dick Tracy character, Mumbles, in the White house. It’s time to clean house in 2024.

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