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Op-Ed: Are We in the Age of “Pretend”?

Karine Jean-Pierre
For instance, the Biden Administration has claimed that inflation is no problem and is only transitory and that we should “pretend” that everything is under control, and that we shouldn’t believe “our lying eyes”.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The word “pretend” is defined as: to speak or act as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not. Isn’t that what is happening in America today? We are encouraged to “pretend” to believe things that make no sense at all. Logic is turned on its head, and if you disagree with this nonsense, you could be vilified as a racist, a bigot, a Nazi, a homophobe, a fascist climate denier, or worse.

For instance, the Biden Administration has claimed that inflation is no problem and is only transitory and that we should “pretend” that everything is under control, and that we shouldn’t believe “our lying eyes”. We are also told to “pretend” that the southern border is secure when, in fact, in the past two years, over 5 million illegal migrants have invaded our country, and an enormous amount of deadly drugs have also been smuggled in by the Mexican cartels.

And, according to the Biden Administration, we must “pretend” that getting rid of fossil fuels will alleviate our so-called global warming problem by transitioning to the use of unreliable “green energy” in its place. To further compound this ridiculous “pretend” mentality, we are told to embrace the idea that men can become women and that women can become men, and that biological males should be able to compete in women’s sports. It seems that common sense has been replaced by partisan politics pushing a “progressive” agenda as we “pretend” that what is wrong is right and against all reality.

An example of this mindset is what happened at a lecture by an invited Appeals Court judge at Stanford University law school when a group of radical students shouted him down from making his speech because of some misinformation put forth that the judge was anti-LGBTQ and a bigot. To compound this display of arrogance and rudeness on the part of the students, a Stanford administrator backed the shameful students and berated the judge. Isn’t it ironic that these bellicose students who claimed that they were exerting their free speech rights were actually preventing free speech by the invited judge? And this from students at a prominent law school · who will one day become lawyers and judges who will be sworn in to uphold the free speech clause of the Bill of Rights. The left will want us to “pretend” that what the students did was perfectly approved dissent.

To elaborate what I said about the economy, and that the White House wants us to “pretend” that what is obvious to the naked eye is not what you actually see or hear. With an inflation rate over 6% and a debt over $31 trillion, the White House proclaims that they are the champions of sound fiscal economic policies. Those policies have had a negative effect on some banks by “going belly up” and which the White House has come to the rescue of their depositors who have more than the guaranteed $250,000 FDIC deposit insurance. We must “pretend” that the Administration acted in good faith and conscience, even though the Silicon Valley Bank.was a leading contributor to the Democrat Party. When “Red State” Senator Jim Langford asked Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, whether she would do the the same thing for a bank in his State of Oklahoma, she said probably not.

In addition to the negative things I mentioned above about the Biden Administration, we are told to “pretend” that our withdrawal from Afghanistan was a success, even though we left thousands of U.S. citizens and Afghans, who worked with us over the years, behind in now a Taliban-run country, and that we left billions of dollars worth of military equipment behind to be used by the Taliban.

Yes, the word “pretend“seems to be the word the Biden Administration wants us to use in explaining their failed policies, even though the facts don’t back them up. The term “elections·have consequences” has come to bite us in the butt big time. Let’s not “pretend” anymore, and hope that our country can survive until the election of 2024 when we can throw the “pretenders” out of office.

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