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Op-Ed: Should DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Be Changed to ADH (Alienation, Division, and Hatred)?

White Supremacists
Woman holding a sign reading ‘White supremacists are criminals’ during the a All Black Lives protest. File photo: Jessica Girvan, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – There seems to be a very vocal group of radicals within the United States whose major intention is cause havoc among its citizens. Pitting one group of Americans against another group of Americans seems to be the “modus operandi” of this group of anti-American zealots.

The words of DEI seems innocuous enough if that was the real intention of those radical groups, but those words are just a smokescreen to advance their socially destructive policies. Flowery words used to camouflage their real intentions are what these groups use to get what they want – total chaos among the many groups that make up our society. Those groups includes BLM, ANTIFA, Green Energy zealots, and some White Supremacists, etc.)

If you challenge these DEI zealots, you will be cast as a racist, a homophobe, a sexist, a bigot, and a Fascist, among other epithets. The terms “cancel culture” and “political correctness” can be derived from the actions of these activists. You must adhere to what they believe or you will be vilified by one of those terms terms mentioned above, and you might even lose your job.

These radicals, pushing their agenda, want us to “pretend” that men can become women, and women can become men, to “pretend” that our economy is the best its been in 40 years and that inflation is only “transitory”, and they want us to “pretend” that the invasion of illegal aliens and illegal drugs into our country is of no problem to us as a country. It boggles the mind that people could fall for these lies, and in some cases elect politicians who espouse these destructive policies.


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This DEI program has been instituted and propagated in our public schools and colleges and universities, in many cases without the parents being aware of this attempted indoctrination of their children that is being taught in the hallowed halls of academia. When parents realize that their children have been subjected to this indoctrination, they are then motivated to confront the education authorities to try to stop this intrusion into parental authority. In some cases, when parents voice their opposition at school board meetings or to the Board of Trustees, they are confronted with the possibility of being shut up and even the possibility of arrest (like what happened in Virginia). This is what the state of our union is facing from the actions of these radical zealots.

Our country is now so divided that even former friends are now enemies. It seems that we can’t disagree without being disagreeable to one another. From the time that former President Obama exclaimed that he wanted to “fundamentally change America” and that racism was ingrained in our society, to when President Biden called conservatives “Ultra MAGA’s)” and Fascists, it has been downhill from there.  Our forefathers must be turning over in their graves from what is happening in our country today.  It seems the end (gaining and keeping power) justifies the means of how to accomplish that goal. The media and the “deep state” (entrenched unelected bureaucrats) seem to have taken sides (mostly favoring the Democrats) which makes matters worse in trying to bring sanity back into our lives. That’s where ADH (Alienation, Division, and Hatred) seems to have found a home in our lives as a replacement for DEI.

We must scrap the term DEI as being antithetical to the proper workings of our great country, or we will be hoisted on the scrapheap of history if we don’t change.

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