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Op-Ed: “Sez Me,” Program Dresses Minors in Drag And Offers Young Children Drag Queen Coloring Book

Drag Queen Story
In my professional opinion as a child therapist with decades of experience, seeking out an alter ego is a rejecting of the genuine self. And no child is born in the wrong body. File photo: Arrideo, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Her daughter just didn’t seem like “a boy trapped in a girl’s body.” She seemed like a girl who had had a lot of trouble fitting in with peers, who had been introduced to an explanation and latched onto it.” ―Abigail Shrier, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Mor Erlich is a biological female that identifies as a male. And her business focuses on children and adolescents. Why? Because she can – along with her “beloved shapeshifting spokescreature” named Hello Mellow (HM). Why? Because woke and clueless parents allow access to their kids.  

I’m assuming HM can change genders at the drop of a dime. In the morning, HM can be a nonbinary unicorn – a genderless rock for lunch – and a trans girl or boy or alien for dinner. 

Erlich’s website says she answers questions from “child guest stars.” So, children are being exposed to a nonscience-based gender-bender fluidity theory. Biology is thrown to the wind. Another adult role-modeling a fairytale – a farse.  

According to her website: 

Sez Me began as an LGBT web series for kids and evolved into a multidisciplinary educational program for all ages. Created by animator Mor Erlich, and hosted by Jeff Marras AKA Charmin Ultra, Sez Me captures unscripted interviews with children from all backgrounds. 

Folks, in my world, Charmin Ultra is toilet paper that’s used to wipe butts.  

“Sez Me delivers affirming, uplifting, colorful and educational entertainment for the whole family! A great tool to engage all people in conversation about Gender and identity.” 

Erlich helps minors “explore their own alter egos.”  

In my professional opinion as a child therapist with decades of experience, seeking out an alter ego is a rejecting of the genuine self. And no child is born in the wrong body. Why would any adult want a child to reject his/her body and biology? To try to validate the adults own rebuffed self-worth – that’s why. But living in an abracadabra bubble can have lifelong consequences.  

Gender-affirming is actually gender-rejecting. There is no transgender gene. Babies are born as either male or female – two sexes. You can’t change science. 

However, Erlich could very well be a compassion, but misguided person. Albeit, she may believe she is helping minors, but she is enabling a falsehood – the great fabrication of gender-bending identity.  

“The best available research indicates that 73-94% of children who display gender non-conforming tendencies accept and align with their physical sex if allowed to pass through puberty naturally, without interventions to affirm the delusion that they are a different sex.”  

It appears the videos of youth dressed in drag on the website are “no longer available.” I wonder why. 

Hmmm. Nowhere on her bio does she list educational coursework in childhood development or curriculum. How does Erlich know what’s developmentally appropriate for children of all ages and backgrounds? 

Drag queens that read to children in libraries appear to lack training in education and literacy – except for LiL Miss Hot Mess. Read Drag Pedagogy: The Playful Practice of Queer Imagination in Early Childhood” by LiL Miss Hot Mess and Harper Keenan. It’s pure indoctrination. 

Erlich teamed up with Drag Queen Story Hour to create the Dragtivity Book (a $12.00 coloring book). “The Dragtivity Book gives kids an introduction to the art of drag to helps them to unpack stereotypes and see beyond the gender binary in the world around them.” 

Why not indoctrinate tots into the fallacy of transgenderism at the earliest age possible? 

YouTube: Sez Me Ep.1 Sez Charmin & Duy. Watch a child interview a drag queen. 

“My own experience as a transgender man, counseling youth at risk…” 

Hmmm. Her bio does not mention a counseling or a psychology degree.  

So, becoming trans automatedly qualities an individual to produce educational materials and teach or counsel children and teens. Uh-huh. 

Are Sez Me minors being predisposed to seek puberty blockers and mutilation surgeries (aka cutting off healthy breasts and genitals and removing uteruses)? 

Of course, deviant mainstream media (aka NBC, HUFFPOST, and others) have high-fived Sez Me.  

Parents, make sure the Dragtivity Coloring Book is not being used in your child’s daycare, pre-school, kindergarten classroom or afterschool program. The radical gender identity zealots in some schools are known to be sneaky.  

And inquire about the policy for drag queen performances at school, afterschool clubs, field trips, libraries, parades, Bingo and other venues in your community.  

Parents who treat gender ideology like the cult propaganda it is, are getting their kids back.” –From a Parent at Partners for Ethical Care.

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