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Op-Ed: Failure Has Gone to His Head

oe Biden, President of United States of America, during press conference after NATO extraordinary SUMMIT 2022.
President Joe Biden during press conference after NATO extraordinary SUMMIT 2022. File photo: Gints Ivuskans, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – If you listen to President Biden and his spokespeople, you’d think that he was presiding over the greatest economy known to man, but upon learning the facts, his policies have been nothing but a failure, and getting worse. It seems, upon closer examination, what should be up is down, and what should be down is up, but Biden continues to proclaim success when he should be proclaiming failure.

As most economists predict, we are heading into a recession (if we are not already there) as inflation continues its upward spiral, and its economic activity continues its downward trend, including workers real wages, with little change in sight in policy by Biden and his administration. Biden and his fellow Democrats continue to propose more government spending, as if past government spending had a beneficial effect upon our economy. We are now over $30 trillion in debt and Biden and the Democrats want to continue to spend like drunken sailors (my apology to drunken sailors).

When Biden champions his policies, one should take his pronouncements as nothing more than empty words with no facts to back them up. As has been proven, Biden has a tendency to lie and make things up, by trying to make himself look good in front of the audience he is trying to impress.

When Biden took office, he canceled most of the policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump. He canceled the Keystone pipeline, oil exploration in ANWR Alaska and on government lands, and the continuation of the construction of the southern border wall to hamper illegal immigration and deadly drugs. In addition, he proclaimed a war on fossil fuels, and in its place a program of renewable energy as proposed in a “Green New Deal” pushed by the radical environmentalists, and most members of the Democrat Party. It seemed that Biden, out of abject hatred of Trump, wanted to purge anything that Trump had a hand in, never taking into consideration whether Trump’s policies were good for the country.

No matter what the facts are, Biden and his administration will try to put a positive spin on anything that might point to as a failure. He claims that he has created millions of jobs, but upon a closer look, the jobs he has claimed that he created were jobs lost during the pandemic, very few new jobs. In fact, one of the biggest employers, Amazon, recently announced that it is going to layoff 18,000 employees due to a bad economic outlook. He also claims that the price of gas has come down because of his policies, without mentioning that he has raided oil from our strategic oil reserves (reserves meant for national emergencies), but just recently the price of gas has increased its ugly head again, and prospects are that it will increase even more in the near future.

Biden proudly points to the inflation rate has been lowered from 7.1% to 6.5%, but when he took office the rate under Trump was 2.2% and manageable. Is that anything for Biden to crow about?

It seems President Biden has an extra supply of “Rose Colored Glasses” stashed away in the White House when he proclaims that has a grip on what’s best for the American people. Most polls taken have shown that 70% of the American people feel that our country is on the wrong track, no matter what Biden and his cronies say.

So, in conclusion, it could be deduced that failure has gone to Biden’s head, whatever is left of it, and we, the American people, are the victims and not the beneficiaries of his wrongful policies.

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