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Op-Ed: How Do You Know That Joe Biden Is President? Just Look At The Awful Shape Our Country Is In

President Joe Biden
President Biden is going out begging oil producing countries to increase production instead of tapping into our own vast supply of oil and gas that sits within our own country. File photo: BiksuTong, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Can any sane discerning person say that they are better off today than they were two years ago? If you listen to the Biden Administration, everything is rosy and getting better – really? Tell that to the people who have to buy groceries for their families at inflated prices, or to get gas at $4.00 per gallon for their cars to get to work, or to hope that the widespread crime, that is shown everyday on T.V., doesn’t affect their families or themselves; or to see our once great country be abused and mocked on the world stage by 2nd rate countries, and to hear our elected leaders say, with a straight face, that our country is on the right track. You wonder what planet they are living on?

Most of the negatives that we face in our lives today could have been prevented if the then incoming Biden Administration would have continued with the policies of Donald Trump instead of, through pique and hatred of the former president, canceling most all of  the positive policies that Trump left the country.

The four top items on the agenda facing voters this November are as follows: the rampant inflation that has clocked in at 8.5% in September; the out of control crime that has infected most big cities, and that is now seeping into our suburbs; the disastrous immigration policy of encouraging migrants to forego legal immigration rules to illegally enter our country, along with an obscene amount of illegal, poisonous drugs that is killing our citizens; and last but not least, our education system that seems to have lost direction by pushing (some say indoctrinating) “social justice” in our classrooms instead of the 3R’s. If we don’t change the direction of our policies by voting in candidates who want to change this downward spiral we seem to be following, we will become the 3rd world country most of us want to avoid.

It seems the radicals in our country (who mostly reside in the Democrat Party) have taken over and as a result we are in the condition we find ourselves today. A fools errand by these radicals is to attempt to abolish fossil fuels, the lifeblood of our economic system, to be replaced by unreliable “Green Energy”.  It is shortsighted to believe that we can run our country with just “Green Energy”. The climate change fanatics are leading us down a “primrose path” of economic dysfunction that will cripple our country for years to come. When Trump left office, we were energy independent and an exporter of oil and gas.  Today, the Biden Administration, is going out to beg oil producing countries to increase production instead of tapping into our own vast supply of oil and gas that sits within our own country.

So, if you want to change the direction of our country, you must vote for your own self-interest, by electing those candidates that will reverse the destructive polices put forth by the Biden Administration, otherwise we we sink into a far greater recession than we are in now.

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