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Op-Ed: When You Reward Bad Behavior, You Get More Bad Behavior

Democratic leaders
Democratic leaders leave the West Wing of the White House after meeting with Republican leadership in hopes of ending the ongoing partial government shutdown. File photo: Washington, D.C., January 4 2019, Michael Candelori, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – To listen to the Democrats (when they do make comments) you’d think that everything was O.K. at the southern border. They claim that the border is “secure” (a/k/a closed), but 100’s of illegals keep coming into our country each day with minimal resistance, and in addition, with the illegal drugs that keep pouring in our country in record numbers (mainly Fentanyl), which is poisoning our young people (over a 100 thousand have died (between the ages of 18 and 45) of overdoses so far). The Democrat power brokers in Washington never mention that they are responsible for that illegal activity of rewarding bad behavior with perks such as non-arrest or minimal deportation, giving them cell phones, free food and medical attention, free schooling, plus free transportation to destinations around the United States. When governors like Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida send illegals to “Blue” states, cities and towns, the hypocritical Democrats and their flunky’s in the media, raise holy hell, but ignore the fact that the Biden Administration has been doing that for the past 2 ½ years. Any sane person can see that the Biden Administration is actively rewarding bad behavior, therefore they are getting more bad behavior in return.

When you advertise that you welcome people from around the world, to jump the legal process line, (it is estimated that illegals from around 160 countries have entered our country since Biden was sworn in), they will come (some even wearing T-shirts thanking Joe Biden). Contrary to the Democrats ridiculous rhetoric about closing the border, if you watch CNN, MSNC, ABC, CBS and the NY Times and Washington Post (with the exception of Fox News), you won’t see or hear about the streams of illegals and drugs coming over the border. What planet are the Democrats and the media living on to make such blatant omissions and false statements?

Since the Democrats have been in charge of two of the three branches of government, crime in the country has escalated to the point where hardly anyone feels safe in their person or property. Due to the influence of billionaire and large Democrat donor, George Soros, over 75 prosecutors, who favor the criminal over the victim, have been elected in many of the “Blue Cities”, and as a result crime has increased exponentially in all those cities. This “Turnstile Justice” justice has made most all those cities dangerous for the average citizen, but mostly in the inner cities where most of the victims of crime reside.

Why are politicians so blind as to the damage their lenient policies have brought upon their constituents? Most of the crimes committed are by “criminal recidivists” who have been released from custody, with little or no bail, thereby enabling them to go out and commit more crimes. This “soft on crime” approach has made many of these cities unlivable. Yes, when you reward bad behavior, and violent behavior, the quality of life suffers. We, as a society, can’t turn a blind eye as to what is happening to our communities, otherwise, we will approach the living conditions in many third-world countries. Policies of “defunding the police”, passing “no bail” laws, not prosecuting misdemeanors (in some cases letting people steal up to $900 with no consequences or arrests), are all part of the Soros conspiracy to undermine our democratic republic. So a good start to reverse this pattern of lawlessness, is to elect law and order Republicans this November.


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Law and order are not “dirty words”, which some on the left try to make them out to be, it is necessary for a prosperous and free country, like the United States, to survive and continue to make our country “the shining light on the hill”, as former President Ronald Reagan once stated. We must not reward bad behavior, we must enforce the laws so that our citizens can live their lies in freedom, peace, and tranquility.

Again, the next step for all of us to do is to throw out or not elect  those politicians who do not support law and order and who do not have your best interests at heart. That means it is important to go out and vote for candidates that have your own self-interest as their priorities.  In that case, it is important to elect Republicans. Now, go out and do it.

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