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Op-Ed: Does the Left Preach Tolerance, But Not Practice It?

Democratic leaders address the media after meeting with Republicans to work out a compromise to end the partial government shutdown. Washington, D.C., January 4 2019. File photo: Michael Candelori, Shutter Stock, licensed

DELRAY BEACH, FL – To listen to the Democrats and their lackey’s in the news media, you’d think that all Republicans (and Conservatives) are clones of Adolph Hitler and must be stopped at all costs by voting for Democrats this coming November. It seems that the tolerance for opposing views, which the Democrats preach, seems to take on the form of intolerance by the way they refer to their opposition. It’s “the end of democracy” they shout without mentioning what means to that end the Republicans are responsible for, to warrant that designation. It seems that since their top man, Joe Biden, is so unpopular that they must use the scare tactics of slimming the Republicans in order to garner votes. From most reputable sources, it seems that these scare tactics aren’t working for the Democrats like they did in 2020.

The Democrat candidates running for office think President Biden is an albatross around their necks as they attempt to get elected. Few want Biden to campaign for them. It seems the only issues that matter to them is abortion, Jan. 6th, and the jailing of the “evil” Donald Trump. That is their platform before the electorate.  They never seem to mention the southern border crisis where over two million illegals have been stopped (and another 1 million “got aways”); the high gas and fuel prices hitting the low and middle classes in their pocketbooks; the inability to stop the inflow of poisonous drugs, like Fentanyl, that has killed upwards of 100,000 people so far this year; the disastrous foreign policy blunders like the the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan along with the tremendous increase in crime in Democrat-run states and cities.  The Democrats silence is deafening, like everything is just working fine.  You might just wonder what foreign planet they are living on?

If you have a difference of opinion with a liberal (a/k/a Democrat or Progressive), and you are a Republican or Conservative scheduled to speak at some event, chances are that you will be “canceled” by a mob or a spineless event hierarchy.  When was the last time a liberal (or now a Progressive)  speaker was canceled by a Conservative mob, would it be rare or never? The liberals preach inclusion and diversity, but when the rubber meets the road, they will only respect your right to speak if you agree with them, otherwise they will try to shut you up. No tolerance there.

Look at all the people who have been harassed or arrested if they had any ties to the “evil” Donald Trump.  It seems like the federal law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, CIA, and IRS, have been “meaponized” against the Republicans.  Those people with Trump ties have had their homes and offices raided, including Trump’s home at Mar-A-Lago; some have been embarrassingly arrested in public places, and some have had their personal items taken from them, like cell phones.  You wonder if this is the United States of America or the Nazi Gestapo making a comeback?  How many liberals encountered such harassment?  Not Hillary Clinton who wiped clean her server with classified emails on it; not Representative Eric Swalwell who had an affair with a Chinese spy; nor Hunter Biden, along with his father, the then Vice-President, who used his father’s position in a “pay for play” scheme to generate millions of dollars from foreign countries.  Nor the crooked bosses at the FBI like James Comey and James McCabe etc.  It seems quite obvious that there is a two-tier justice system in operation in our country, one for Republicans and one for Democrats, and the Republican’s seem to be getting the short end of the stick.

The Democrats, by their statements and actions, would love to have a one-party system of government, whereby they would control everything with little or no opposition and would not tolerate, to any great extent, any group or person who would like to rein in their insidious grasp for power.

So yes, the liberal left will disingenuously preach tolerance of thought and action, but they would actually be intolerant to anyone or group who would oppose them. That’s why the election this November is so important, we must not let the inmates to keep running the asylum, and bringing their left-wing philosophy to the fore in place of our U.S. Constitution.  We are a free enterprise, Capitalist country and not a Socialist or pseudo Communist country, so get out and vote for the good guys, the Republicans.  It’s in your self-interest and the self-interest for the rest of us.

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