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Op-Ed: My Speculation On Trump’s Blindness To The Covid Vaccines

  Some have now jumped onto the new version of the Orange Man Bad bandwagon by pointing out that the restaurant in  President Trump' Trump Tower in New York City requires proof of vaccination—as if that was Trump’s doing.   Photo credit:  File / Evan El-Amin /, licensed.
Some have now jumped onto the new version of the Orange Man Bad bandwagon by pointing out that the restaurant in President Trump’ Trump Tower in New York City requires proof of vaccination—as if that was Trump’s doing. Photo credit: File / Evan El-Amin /, licensed.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Since Trump’s recent public appearances where he touted the Covid vaccines his administration fast-tracked, the internet’s been percolating with questions like this: Was Trump “one of them” all along? Is Trump a shill for Big Pharma? The implied or stated answer is generally “Yes!” Even Mike Adams, aka The Health Ranger, a diehard Trump fan, seems suddenly convinced that America’s savior since the 2016 election, was playing for the globalists’ team.

In fact, some have jumped onto the new version of the Orange Man Bad bandwagon by pointing out that the restaurant in Trump Tower in New York City requires proof of vaccination—as if that was Trump’s doing. Sorry to disappoint, but the restaurant is simply complying with Mayor De Blasio’s tyrannical citywide mandate, which is being continued by his successor Eric Adams. Details, details….

Perhaps it is easier for people to view Trump as either an irreproachable paragon or a corrupt fake, but neither of those shoes fit him. The good he did for this nation ought not to be summarily swept aside and thrown into the bin. Trump voters must not forget the many ways America benefited from his tenure as POTUS, with far too many accomplishments to list in this article. But let’s take a moment to celebrate this one: Trump called out the Fake News! What president has ever done that from the bully pulpit? And because he was so open and honest, he forced the Leftist press to reveal its duplicitous, manipulative treachery for all to see.

Say what you will, I for one will not cavalierly throw this man under the bus. But many of us know he’s wrong about the vaccines, so I’m putting on my Hercule Poirot chapeau to try to figure out why. And as the master detective might say, “Ah…la psychologie!” We’ll explore this shortly.


It’s hard not to be somewhat in awe of the charismatic polymath Dr. David Martin, in his iconic formal dress and bow tie, who burst upon the scene with brilliant forensic analyses of voter fraud in 2020, and later ferreted out the patent trail proving SARS-CoV-2 is manmade.

So I was quite surprised to see him take an apparently baseless potshot at President Trump in a recent interview. Do I give Trump a pass on everything he did or failed to do? No—as you’ll see in my next few articles and in part in this one. But I think it’s important that we stay true to the facts we know, and base our analyses on them and on our understanding of the man.

Like so many others, I became a fan of financial and patent analyst Dr. Martin after watching one of his video interviews. In his astute and mesmerizing fashion, he gave us bombshell revelations about the theft of the 2020 election, and the string of patents implicating Big Medicine, Big Pharma and Little Fauci in the creation of the bioweapon known as Covid-19 and the vaccines to…um…bring it into our bodies.

More recently, David Martin has been making the rounds discussing Trump’s role regarding the Covid vaccines—a topic on the minds of many. In an interview from December of 2021 on Seth Holehouse’s show Man in America, Martin said Trump was duped. I believe that is true.

Yet in the same hour-long interview, he does a quick turnabout, suddenly claiming that Trump took a bribe from Big Pharma in September 2019 in exchange for signing an Executive Order, thus knowingly selling out America and intentionally duping the American people. In fact, Martin shockingly proceeds to accuse Trump of betraying his country for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver, likening Trump to Judas: “Trump’s morality was for sale for thirty pieces of silver. And he has sold American lives to the drug dealers.”

Them’s fightin’ words.

Trump signed this EO, yes. Now take a look at what Martin says, “The only reason that Executive Order was put on his [Trump’s] desk was someone paid him to sign it.” Huh? Martin gives no proof for this potentially slanderous charge. I’ll wager such evidence doesn’t exist.

Recall that Trump took no salary while in the White House, and, unlike the many venal politicians who’ve fattened themselves at the public trough—Pelosi, Biden, Obama, Hillary, Bernie the Socialist, to name just a few—Trump actually ran for office to serve his country, rather than to plunder it. Plus, as a billionaire in his own right, and not the sociopathic Gatesean variety, money is not a lure for him. The cabal would have no doubt bought him off a long time ago if they could have. Trump can be fooled, but he can’t be bought.

That said, I read the Executive Order to see if Martin’s claim made sense on its face. It doesn’t. Here’s the title: Executive Order on Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health. To anyone with little or no medical training or understanding of vaccines, it sounds perfectly reasonable. It essentially says we’ve been using the same vaccine technology for many decades, isn’t it time for some innovation? And this will be important if and when we experience another pandemic.

Yes, Tony “the weasel” Fauci was up to his tricks paving the way for the experimental vaccines. He and his henchmen were busily duping POTUS, so it’s quite a sleight of hand that Martin pulls off, first casting Trump as the victim of such duplicity, and then as its perpetrator.

President Trump signed dozens of EOs during his term in office, and there may have been elements in some of them he’d have objected to if he’d been aware of them. The devil is in the details. This is how the Swamp operates—through obfuscation and deceit.

Consider also that this Executive Order was presumably handed to the President by Snake Eyes Fauci and/or his co-conspirators four months before we heard about a strange new flu in Wuhan, China. In September of 2019, how could Trump have known he, along with America, was being set up?

Sorry Dr. Martin—but for once, your claim doesn’t wash.

And for the record, here’s a quote from David Martin’s bio: He served as Chair of Economic Innovation for the UN-affiliated Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization and has served as an advisor to numerous Central Banks, global economic forums, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, and national governments.

Impressive, yes. But the World Bank? UN-affiliated Intergovernmental agencies?

In case you’re wondering,  the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization was in complete accord with the U.N.’s Sustainable Development program and Agenda 2030. Hmmm….

And Martin’s company, M·CAM Inc., partners with…wait for it…the World Bank. Sound a trifle globalistic? Just sayin’.

In the interview, Dr. Martin went on to say Trump should have had Fauci—the little man in front of the podium—arrested by Federal Marshals, presumably on national TV. Such high drama would have provoked a furor that would likely have backfired against Trump. But I agree that Trump should have taken action against Dr. Fraudster: He should have said “You’re fired!” Not doing so was one of his two most serious failures, both of which I plan to discuss in upcoming articles.


Consider, Trump spent most of his life as an entrepreneurial businessman and builder. His modus operandi has been doing high quality work and bringing projects to completion both early and under budget.

So when, early in 2020, he was told we needed more ventilators, he quickly convinced General Motors to crank out ventilators to save lives. Sadly, ventilators were the wrong solution. The villains were likely gloating over Trump’s innocent mistake.

Then, when President Trump learned that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was saving lives, not only did he inform the public, much to the dismay of Dr.FauxChi and friends, he also immediately tried to bring millions of doses to Americans.  That’s when the reptilian Doktor Faustus informed the nation that HCQ didn’t work against Covid, and smugly hinted that, well, Orange Man dumb.

Attempting to come to the rescue again when he learned of skyrocketing deaths in New York nursing homes, the President sent out US Navy hospital ship the USNS Comfort to New York harbor. Though this ship had the capacity to care for a thousand patients and was fully equipped with everything needed, Governor Cuomo was dead set on both killing elderly New Yorkers and spiting Trump. Astonishingly, Cuomo sent only non-Covid patients to the ship at first—all twenty-two of them. And he continued to send hospitalized elderly Covid patients back to nursing homes to recover.  Carnage ensued with death tolls of some 15,000 people.

Good work, Mario. You really made Trump look bad.


While he was in office, there is no question in my mind that Trump was trying to save lives and do the right thing.

But I suspect his experience in the building trade, coupled with his ignorance about things medical, came into play in a counterproductive way. When he was told that the only solution to the pandemic was a new vaccine, he got on board. And when someone—Feckless Fauci? Judas Pence? –suggested moving as fast as possible and calling the effort Operation Warp Speed, Trump signed on. After all, he’d always prided himself on efficiency.

What he probably didn’t understand, however, is the reason it takes 10 years or more to bring a vaccine to market. Unlike the regulatory hindrances that plague builders, what slows down the creation of new vaccines is the absolute necessity of testing for both safety and efficacy over time. So it is not a feat to boast of that these mRNA Covid vaccines were rushed. Quite the contrary. It was a HUGE and scandalous mistake.

In fact, it is the reason why no one can truthfully say these vaccines are safe. Why not? Because no one knows what will happen to the vaccinated 5 or 10 years from now.

On second thought, we actually can answer this question, since within less than a year, we’ve learned of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of serious injuries. So yes, now we know. These “vaccines” are not safe. That is, those of us who dive into alternative sources of information on the internet and know where to look and whom to trust, realize the vaccines are dangerous.

But millions of our fellow citizens, including former President Trump, apparently implicitly trust the medical profession and believe vaccines to be necessary and life-saving. These people likely never heard of VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System; even many doctors aren’t aware of it, and of those who are, most decline to report their patients’ vaccine-caused deaths. While the VAERS numbers of vaccine-caused deaths is higher for the Covid shots than for all such deaths from 1996 to 2019 combined, it is just a fraction of the real total, which is likely in the hundreds of thousands, and counting.

We’ve also learned that the Covid vaccines are not effective, since the vaxxed still get sick and still transmit the virus to others, and possibly are even transmitting the spike protein bioweapon as well, as suggested by Dr. Lee Merritt and others.


So Trump’s dilemma is this: If and when he learns the vaccines are harming people, and accepts the bitter truth that he was duped by Fauci et al. and therefore had a hand in foisting a dangerous, even deadly, ‘vaccine” on the American people he so clearly loves, this would likely leave him a broken man. I imagine this would be unutterably painful for him to acknowledge, and though he might possibly emerge humbled and wiser, and could then broadcast the dangers of the vax, this would necessitate a tectonic shift for him as a proud man and inveterate optimist—perhaps a bridge too far. For now, like so many of our vaccine-embracing countrymen, he seems to be stuck firmly in denial. That way he can still see himself as the champion of the American people, which he was in so many ways for three glorious years that we should not forget. This is what I believe he’s clinging to.

Early on, President Trump was tricked into viewing the virus as a plague, and he did everything the “experts” said was needed to save lives. Unlike genocidal Dr. Mengele Fauch, Trump actually cares about people. What a cruel joke it was for Fauci and the other subversive quislings to convince him that he was doing a great service for the American people by promoting Big Pharma’s kill shot. He was far too trusting. He even took the shot himself.

Trump’s unprecedented popularity as President here in the U.S. and the love he inspired from freedom-loving people around the world was not a fluke. People respond to authenticity. His outspoken courage and enthusiasm inspired millions, as did his bold actions to put America first. And those four years of nonstop Big Media and Big Tech attacks on him made it clear that Trump was the real deal. But he’s a flawed man, and a couple of those flaws took him down, and, tragically, America along with him.

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