Op-Ed: The Covid “McGuffin”

The brilliant director Alfred Hitchcock often used the term “McGuffin” to describe one of his favorite plot devices—an object or event that set the plot in motion, while essentially inconsequential in itself. File photo: Anton Ivanov,

Op-Ed: Never in America – Right?

Remember Ben Franklin’s prescient words, “Those who give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither.” Photo credit ShutterStock.com, licensed. SAN FRANCISCO, CA – In a recent broadcast, Tucker Carlson featured a story

Op-Ed: 2020 Election Post-Mortem

What makes the stolen 2020 election Biblical is not only that it may well spell the end of the American experiment in liberty, but that the fate of the entire world seems to hang upon it. Photo credit ShutterStock.com, licensed. SAN

Op-Ed: The Checkmating of America

We’ve been under attack by enemies foreign and domestic for quite some time, as the Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations were primarily about enriching high level office holders—e.g. Hillary, Biden, Obama—the kleptocrats in Congress,

Op-Ed: Ascent Of The Killjoys

Gov Newsom (left) flouting COVID restrictions hosting a lavish dinner party with no social distancing or masks. Scarf Lady Deborah Birx, who said to stay home and have a miserable, lonely Thanksgiving traveled to Delaware to enjoy the

Op-Ed: The Dems’ October Surprise

Think back to 2019— a booming economy, unemployment at a 50-year low, African-American unemployment the lowest in our history, offshoring corporations heading back to the U.S. in droves, our energy sector revving up, the stock market