VIDEO: Bizarre Murder Caught on Surveillance Video After Argument Erupts Over Snow Shoveling In Pennsylvania; Turns Into Murder-Suicide


LUZERNE COUNTY, PA – According to reports, a Plains Township, Pennsylvania man shot and killed two of his neighbors – and then turned his gun on himself – in a bizarre murder-suicide that erupted out of an argument over snow shoveling after a winter storm, authorities say.

In a brutal killing on Monday that was caught on surveillance video, the alleged shooter, James Spaide, 47, shot and killed his neighbor James Goy, 50, and his wife Lisa, 48, after they had been reportedly shoveling snow and dumping it on Spaide’s property. A New York Post report shows an earlier portion of the incident where Mr. Goy appears to be the instigator continually name-calling and verbally threatening Spaide in what then escalated into the fatal altercation.


According to neighbors, Spaide had been involved in an extended feud with the Goys – who lived directly across the street from him – for some time. On the day in question, a major winter storm had just covered parts of the Northeast with over 30 inches of snow.

Witnesses of the incident said that Spaide initially asked the Goys to stop putting their snow on his property, but the confrontation quickly escalated into a heated argument and an exchange of profanities. Allegedly James Goy then threw a tool that he was using to clear snow from his vehicle at Spaide, and then approached him in a threatening manner, officials say.

It was then that Spaide retreated into his home and returned with a handgun, officials say, but the video shows that the Goys did not appear threatened and remained standing in the middle of the street, with James calling Spaide a “pussy” and Lisa yelling “Go ahead! Go ahead!”

It was then that Spaide opened fire, police say, striking both victims repeatedly until he appeared to run out of ammo. Spaide then returned to his home, only to emerge moments later with what appeared to be a rifle, and began shooting both of the Goys once again, according to officials.

Spaide re-approached the wife saying “you should have kept your mouth shut!” and fired at her again, before firing at James Goy a final time, who had retreated into his garage and was crying in pain; Spaide can be heard saying “pussy, huh?” before firing his final shots.

At that point, according to authorities, Spaide went back into his home and fatally shot himself when police arrived on the scene. The Goys had a 15 year-old son with autism, who will now be cared for by his grandparents.

According to Plains Township Police Chief Dale Binker, an investigation has been conducted and the case is considered closed.

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