Everything You Need To Know About Tricia Todd


Eight years after the murder in Martin County, the story is still receiving national interest, and tonight’s ABC “20/20” episode will shed new light on it.

“The Hungryland Homicide” will investigate the events leading up to 30-year-old Tricia Todd’s 2016 murder by her ex-husband, Steven Williams.

According to a press release, Todd’s family, best friend, staff from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, and State Attorney Tom Bakkedahl of the 19th Judicial Circuit will all be interviewed for the episode.

Who Is Tricia Todd?

Todd was missing from sight since April 26, 2016. The following day, when the Treasure Coast Hospice nurse failed to pick up her and Williams’ 4-year-old daughter, Faith, from a babysitter, she and her brother became the target of a thorough search by sheriff’s officers in the Hobe Sound region, where she lived with her brother.

On May 25, 2016, over a month into the search, Williams admitted to killing his ex-wife. Williams pleaded guilty to avoid serving a life sentence.

Williams agreed to provide Todd’s body’s location to sheriff’s officers as part of his plea agreement.

Along with nine human teeth, they also discovered pliers, a chainsaw, and a reciprocating saw that may have been used in Todd’s demise, according to a 2016 TCPalm story.

Steven Williams: What Happened To Him?

As part of a prior plea agreement, Williams was found guilty on September 30, 2016, of second-degree murder and given a 35-year jail sentence.

In October 2016, he was moved from the Martin County Jail to the Central Florida Reception Center, which is close to Orlando. In the Jefferson Correctional Institution in Monticello, he is presently serving his term. His projected date of release is January 12, 2049.

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