LSU Forward Angel Reese Declares for 2024 WNBA Draft 


A major turning point in her already remarkable career, LSU basketball player Angel Reese has formally announced her candidacy for the 2024 WNBA draft. 

Reese is expected to become one of the most well-known athletes in the sport after an outstanding career in college. She is ready to go smoothly into the professional ranks.

After a fantastic experience at LSU, where she played a major role in the team’s unprecedented run of success, Reese decided to declare for the WNBA draft.

Her incredible performances from the previous season was crucial to LSU’s historic first-ever national championship, which launched her to national prominence and won her the esteemed distinction of Final Four Most Outstanding Player.

Angel Reese’s Path to Professional Basketball

A major turning point in her already remarkable career, LSU basketball player Angel Reese has formally announced her candidacy for the 2024 WNBA draft.

When Reese thought back on her academic accomplishments, she felt a sense of satisfaction at having reached her objectives. 

Reese’s decision to become professional is a reflection of her unwavering determination to have a lasting impact on the sport, as evidenced by her many All-American selections, SEC Player of the Year awards, and national championship.

During her time, Reese played a crucial role in turning the team’s fortunes, as LSU coach Kim Mulkey praised her services to the program. 

Mulkey’s homage to Reese highlights the enormous influence she had on women’s basketball in general and the LSU basketball program in particular, where her legacy was felt well beyond the court.

Before moving to LSU, Reese started her college career at Maryland. She became one of the top players in the country very fast and made a lasting impression on the Baton Rouge campus. 

Her exceptional performances and remarkable statistics solidified her position as a prominent player, garnering her recognition from esteemed institutions like USBWA and The Associated Press.

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Embracing the Journey of a WNBA Rookie

Reese stated that she was eager to take on the trials of being a rookie in the WNBA in order to pursue her goal of professional brilliance. 

Her unwavering quest of greatness is embodied by her humility and growth-oriented mindset, paving the way for a bright future at the highest level of her work.

Reese is a well-known supporter of collegiate players’ rights to make money off of their name, likeness, and image, thus her impact off the court goes beyond just her athletic ability. 

With her lucrative endorsement deals and increasing brand appeal, Reese, also known as the “Bayou Barbie,” is setting an example for upcoming generations of student-athletes by fusing athletics and entrepreneurship.

There is a tangible sense of excitement surrounding Reese’s potential influence in the WNBA as she gets ready to start the next phase of her basketball career. 

Reese’s admittance into the professional ranks, where her talent, tenacity, and trailblazing spirit are expected to inspire future generations, marks the start of a new era for women’s basketball. Her draft position is projected to be in the first round. 
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