Delta Airlines Faces $2 Million Lawsuit Over In-Flight Sexual Assault Incident

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Delta Airlines, a major U.S. airline, is facing a $2 million lawsuit following an incident where a heavily intoxicated passenger sexually harassed a 16-year-old minor and her mother during a nine-hour flight. The lawsuit alleges that Delta’s flight attendants negligently served the man at least 11 alcoholic beverages, ignoring pleas for help from the victims.

The Incident

The incident took place on a flight departing from JFK Airport, bound for Athens, Greece. The noticeably drunk man was served 10 vodka drinks and a glass of wine by Delta flight attendants. As the man’s inebriation increased, he started behaving aggressively towards a 16-year-old girl and her mother, escalating to inappropriate touching.

Delta’s Response

Despite the women’s pleas for help, the flight attendants allegedly dismissed their concerns. The man was allowed to exit the plane upon arrival in Athens without local authorities or U.S. law enforcement being alerted about the assault. The victims, now seeking $2 million in damages, accuse Delta of gross negligence.

Delta’s Statement

In response to the lawsuit, Delta stated that they have a “zero tolerance policy for customers who engage in inappropriate or unlawful behaviour.” However, they did not provide specific comments on the pending litigation.


This incident puts a spotlight on the airline industry’s responsibility to ensure passenger safety and the potential consequences of negligence. As the lawsuit progresses, it will be crucial to watch how Delta responds and what measures they implement to prevent such incidents in the future.

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